How to use micellar waters the right way!

 May 18th, 2016 
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Hello readers, today I want to talk about micellar waters because I have been using them for years and I love it. It has been popular for many years in France, first thanks to the original very famous micellar water by the French brand Bioderma, then because more micellar waters
were being created and were easily accessible in French pharmacies and drugstores. For the past couple of years micellar waters have become more and more popular internationally and now every skin care brands have their own, including high end brands like Guerlain or Clarins.

With this popularity more and more people are using it which is a good thing, but they are not always using it the right way. Those micellar waters are great but they are not magical and they cannot do everything either so today I am going to tell you the 3 different ways I use them.

1-Removing makeup
The main reason people are using micellar waters is to remove their makeup gently. I do think that they are great ptions to remove very light makeup or the first layers of heavy makeup but if you want to remove a full face of makeup you are looking for the wrong product. Also many regular micellar waters claim to remove waterproof makeup but I have not find any that do that yet. You will get a much better and faster result with a balm or an oil. If you still want to remove a full face of heavy makeup with it then you will have to use many cotton pads and be very patient so be ready...

2-Correcting makeup
Every time I do my makeup I need to have some micellar water and a few q-tips to easily correct any mistakes and it works perfectly. 

3-Gentle or quick cleansing
Micellar waters are very gentle for the skin and they are also great cleansers so I love to use them to cleanse my skin in the morning, before I work out, or on days where I do not wear any makeup and they do a great job for that. My skin loves it.
Each brand claim that you do not have to rinse this product... Well I would not do that if I were you especially if you have very sensitive skin because obviously these are more than water. If they can clean and remove makeup it means that there are cleansing agents in it and who would like to leave that on their skin. In order for your moisturizer or serum to work properly your skin needs to be clean and free from any products so I aways rinse those. Hope those little tips were helpful. 

Let me know if you like to use micellar waters and how do you use them?


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