3 good reasons to apply your foundation with fingers instead of brushes/sponges ...

 November 25th, 2015 
Hello readers, since I created this blog I have done many makeup looks. And you may have noticed or not that in my instructions no matter what type of foundation I use, I always use my fingers to apply it. Today I am just going to explain you why I do so and why you may consider this option yourself.

1/ The first reason is the fact that I want to avoid having bacteria on my face because it easily gives me breakout (learn more about it HERE). How do I avoid that issue buy using my  hands instead of brushes or sponges you might ask? Well, the answer is simple I clean my hands before each application of my foundation so my hands are always clean when they touch my face. Can you tell the same about your makeup brushes or sponges ? How many times a week, a month, a year do you wash them? Foundation is the makeup product that touches the largest area of our face so we have to be very careful about which one we use and how se use it, especially when we have sensitive skin. What is the point on spending so much money on a product if it makes our skin look worst overtime ?

2/An other reason I don't like to use foundation tools is the fact that foundations are also very expensive, They are probably the most expensive makeup products on the market and when we apply it with a brush or a sponge a good amount of the product stays stuck on the bristle brushes. As a consequence we use more product than necessary and half of the product is wasted.

3/Last but not least a good reason to use our fingers instead of a brush or a sponge is the price of those brushes/sponges !!! A few days ago I realized that I had forgotten all my brushes in my hometown. Yes I still use brushes for blush or powder… So I decided to buy 2 to 3 simple brushes while awaiting to get mine back. Well, let me tell you that it was a struggle to find good ones for a reasonable price so if I can save up on at least one brush I think that is worth it.

Now if you think that applying a foundation with fingers does not give a good finish you should take a look at the famous and talented makeup artist Lisa Eldidge who often uses fingers herself. . 

In my opinion I think that fingers give a more natural and beautiful look. But if you are still not convinced, well at least try to invest in several set of makeup brushes so you can rotate them while making sure to clean them often.

Now let me know how do you prefer to apply your foundation ? Fingers? Brushes? 


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