Looking for a great SPF50 daily facial sunscreen? Here is my review on Alpha-H daily essential moisturiser

July 11th, 2015
Hello readers I have already quickly talked about this product 2 years ago when I wrote the  post “summer time and sun protection” . In case you don't know , ALPHA-H is an Austraian brand and Australia regulaton is really strict on sun protection so you can trust them when they say that your skin is protected. 
Here I want to do a proper dedicated review to this product who deserve it..

It is called a moisturiser because it feels like a moisturizer smells like one and hydrates like one. It does not sting the eyes and does not make the skin looks ashy unlike many moisturisers with strong SPF. But I can confirm that it is truly a sun protection as well as I have worn this one for years under serious heat especially on the beach, to the point that my body gets tan but my face stays the same color.
Depending on your skin type it can be too moisturising. I have combination skin and it sometimes make my skin looks too oily especially if I wear makeup on top. Another thing that I have discovered more recently is that the packaging cannot handle long flghts. The pump will break out. Between my mom and myself it broke 3 times out of 3 flights already… But for the purpose of this article I checked the commercial website and realized that the brand has changed the packaging. It is a tube now so they may have noticed the problem and fix it hopefully.

Overall this product is excellent I still buy it and now it is the only one I use on the beach, on my face as its moisture helps my skin fight the drying elements like the sun or salt. I also like to use it everytime I don’t wear makeup. Of course if I have to take a flight I just forget about it now; I have learned my lesson until I can check the new packaging.


I always buy this product  on beautybay.com (international shipping) for £29/$39.10  for 50ml

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