My review on long lasting foundations 1/5 : Lancôme Teint Idole Utra 24h

 June 10th, 2015 
Hello readers I have tested several foundations last summer and I am finally able to talk about it.  Last year around that same period I knew I would have to move to South India for a few months. I have combination skin but I had never been able to find a foundation that satisfies me enough during the summer months, but for the climate I was going to face I knew I had to find one. This is how my quest for the perfect long lasting foundation started. I have 5 foundations in total to review and I will try to review one each week in the same order I tested them last summer.
The first one  is the famous long lasting foundation by Lancôme, Teint Idole Ultra 24h . This one was not new to me. I had bought it a couple years back. Although I have had it for a while I only wore it a few times on special occasions. It is sold as a long lasting foundation so I started to use it every day last summer in Paris in preparation of my travel to Chennai.
The packaging
I love the design of the bottles, they look fancy and they are in glass, but they do not break easily. I know that for sure because it fall on the floor many times but never broke off. The pump distributes a perfect amount of product so my only issue with it is the top as this glass material gets dirty easily but cannot be clean easily hence the dirt on the pictures (sorry!!!), and trust me I tried very hardnto clean that out before I took the pictures.
The product
I read many reviews saying that it smells good… I would not say that, it smells a mix of perfume and alcohol to me which should have warned me and my sensitive skin... The texture is creamy, easy to apply and very pigmented so a little bit goes a long way. I use a pump and a half but often have some product left on the back of my hand. The finish is semi-matte and BEAUTIFUL. Beautiful on picture, video and real light. It does last all day beautifully and my combination skin looks great all day, not greasy. No foundation can block all of your oils,that would not be healthy for your skin anyway; so yes I may have to blot during the day but that is not excessive at all. For me a good long lasing foundation has to balance the way the oil comes out so you don’t look like a greasy mess and this product does that perfectly. I use two colors whic has different undertone N°12(yellow), n°13 (red). It gives a medium to full coverage with a natural finish.
Sensitive skins be aware !
There is a big con to this foundation called alcohol denat it is one of the main ingredient which also easily explains why it is so long lasting. When I was using this foundation on special occasions I was having no issue with it but when I started to wear it everyday I started to get big blemishes all other my face. That is why I checked the ingredients list and realized that Alcohol Denat is the third one. I am allergic to it and get blemishes for sure. I usually make sure that this ingredient is not in my skin care products, but I never though it could be on a foundation that is why I did not check that out prior tu buy it.

The below picture was taken with the Lancôme Teint Idole foundation; get this look HERE
In conclusion: the good/the bad...
This foundation makes me break out like crazy so I will not buy it again. The bottles are almost full so I may use it for special occasions only but to be honest, now I don’t feel comfortable when I apply it on my skin. Honestly at this price and for such a brand I am disappointed that they decided to use so much alcohol denat; other brands have found gentler solutions. I feel like they chose the easy way to create a long lasting foundation as alcohol is so drying !!!!! Now if your skin is not sensitive, if you don’t mind using alcohol denat on your face, if you are don’t really care about skin care, if you have combination to oily skin and are just looking for a great result then this long lasting foundation, is for you. 


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