I want Indian's women hair: My review on the Poshak oil by Ayush (2/2)

 March 31th 2015 
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Please first, read part one of this article HEREif you have not done so already.
I have heard a lot about the benefits of Indian hair oils for a while now but I had never tried it for the simple reason that I was already using oils that I love.

When my colleague Ramya introduced me to that particular oil she was clear; it will not make my hair grow 10 inches overnight. After 5 years of usage what she has noticed with her hair is that it became stronger, more nourished, thicker and more supple. The ends are less dry and her hair break less; as a consequence it seems like it is growing faster. While I am writting this post, I have been using it on my scalp for 3 months. I apply the oil 2 to 4 times a week as it is not recommended to use it every single day. After application I massage a little bit.

I can only give you a first update for 1 month and a half of usage because while I am wrtting this post I have had braids in for several weeks so I can’t honestly talk about the status of my hair right now. Although my strand of hair is thick, my hair is overall naturally very fragile. To tell you the truth I am scared for real when someone approaches my hair with a small comb.
What are my results ?/Is it miraculous oil?
No it is not miraculous; if you mishandle your hair do not expect much from this oil. I have to mention here that I take extremely good care for my hair in the first place (read HERE) as well as Indian women (see HERE). Oils are only the cherry on top of the cake. 

1/This oil is very very liquidy, she gets absorbed quickly and does not leave any oily look on your forehead. 2/Furthermore it is an Ayurvedic oil, meaning it uses ingredients and a formula that is used in traditonal Indian's medecine, as a consequence my hair feels stonger and well nourished. 3/I love the simple packaging of this small bottle as it is easy handed and gives the perfect amount of product. 4/My hair routine has not changed, the only difference is that  now I also use this oil all other my scalp. 5/Last but not least, my hair has never felt stronger.
So far I have not seen any difference on the growth of my thin edges or my hair in general. I bought this oil in India in a small Chennai Ayruveda center from the same brand for cheap. I have started to look at the price online on International shipping website and the price is a LITTLE BIT different so that is why I stocked up. 

The ingredient list does not seem 100% complete on the bottle. I guess that it is not mandatory in India but from what is written on the bottle, the main active ingredients are: Rosemary oil, neem oil, Amla oil Sesame oil. To sum up, I love this oil and I will keep you posted on my progress in a few months...Thank you for reading.


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