My review: Uriage/Hyséac exfoliating mask for oily*combination skin

 February 8th; 2015 
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Hello, today I am very happy to introduce you to a product I discovered in a French pharmacy 2 years ago already. I call it my “secret product” in my head, because nobody talks about it although it is pretty impressive and affordable at the same time.

I found about it as I was looking for a manual scrub. As per the indications it is a two-in-one; it acts as a daily mask and an exfoliant that you can use a few times a week. I was looking for a scrub so that is how I used it the first time and I was not impressed at all. The beats are too tiny to be efficient for my thick skin but I have to say I am sure it works great on thin and fragile skin. For that reason I did not use it again for several months until one day I decided to finish up all of the products that I had barely used.

That time I tested the efficiency of the so called « daily mask ». I used it one evening and did not feel anything special. I used it the evening after and the next morning my skin was smoother and my large pores smaller so I used it again the following night and tada!!! I finally understood how this product works. First they called it a daily mask for a good reason. In addition to the benefits mentioned earlier; over time I have also noticed less and less blackheads. I have them on very rare occasions now. 

All my issues with blemishes have not disappeared unfortunately but  there is definitely a difference. When I use it I use it 2 or 3 nights in a row in between my other masks; I let it seat for 3 to 10 min and rinse. Sometimes I use the tiny beats for a quick manual srub but because of the reasons mentioned above most of the time I don’t. Also sometimes I  like to follow the application by a good “regular mask”

I skip my nose area sometimes because otherwise it will peel. Overall, everytme time I am very pleased with the result. It has a creamy texture that is easy to apply. The feeling you get is the same you would get from a really good cleanser or chemical exfoliant; but regardless your skin don’t feel dry. The brand states that it gets rid of impurities and that is exactly the feeling you get. If you have clogged pores, combination or oily skin you’ll understand… I was so impressed by this product that I carefully look at the ingredient list and find out an unknown name:"malic acid". After doing some research I found out that it is actually an AHA as glycolic acid and they share the same skin benefits. My skin just loves it. (Read more about AHA and their benefits HERE)

My final word is that I love this product, it does what it is supposed to do and for an affordable price. Will I buy again? Yes and it has been done already several times.


Where can I find this product?
In french pharmacies or Internet websites
The price: around 9€/100ml

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