My inspired fall makeup look: earthy tones

 January 6th; 2015 
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Hello, I know it is already winter but I was supposed to post this makeup look weeks ago that is why it is fall inspired. I got inspired by the colors that surround us in fall but of course it works for any season. All the makeup I used have a hearthy tone and I truely enjoy the result. (list of all products at the end of the post)
To start I had to even out my natural dark eye lid with a concealer close to my skin complexion(4). Underneath my eyes I use an other concealer(3) to lightly brighten this area. I wanted to get a soft dark smokey eye for this look and decided to use two products for that. First I applied a line of black waterproof eye liner(5) at the roots of my bottom lashes. Then I applied it on my lids as if it was an eyeshadow pencil and blended blended blended with my fingers. Before it had time to dry I apply on top some bronze creamy eyeshadow(8) with my fingers. I love the result as you can't guess exactly which color I have on my eye lids.
For this look I absolutely wanted to avoid harsh line everything on the eyes had to be soft. So instead of using a black eyeliner along my bottom lashes I decided to use a brown one(6). But because I also wanted to get that intensity that gives a black eyeliner(5) I just placed dots of black eyeliner here and there on top of the brown one. I then put a few coats of a black waterproof mascara(9) and used a very dark brown eye pencil to intensify my eyebrows(7).
First I used a primer(1) on the T-zone; then I used a long lasting creamy fondation(2). I had to mix two colors to get my complexion. From my cheeks to the temples I used a brick/brown color blush(10) that looks very natural on me.To set the all look I used my favorite HD pressed powder that I use almost all the time. You may have noticed I use it on almost all the different makeup looks I have done so far. It does give a very beautiful and natural finish to the look.

For my lips I used my late favorite gloss which is actually a red color mixed with a lot of brown(12). Since I got it a couple of months ago, I always get compliments whenever I wear it. On my nails I used a beautiful pink color that also has a hearthy tone. This fall/winter 
it is my favorite color and you can find more details on this color and on the way I take 
care of my nails on a previous post HERE
To keep up with the earthy tone colors I put this beautiful silk scarf on my hea. Also, because I was in between hairstyles .... I really enjoyed making this look. 
 I just ope you enjoy it too !


List of makeup products below:
1-The body shop primer: Insta Blur
2-Bobbi Brown Foundation- Long-Wear Even Finish Compact color Warm Almond + Walnut
3-Black-Up Radiance concealer n°04 to even out my lid
4-MAC Select moisturecover n°NC50 undeerneath my eyes
5- Rimmel scandaleyes waterproof kohl kajal in black
6-Lancôme -Le crayon khôl waterproof n°2/châtaigne (dark brown)
7-Urban Decay 24/7 glide-on eye pencil: color demolition (dark brown) on my eyebrows
8-Benefit: cream eyeshadow; color: Bronze have more fun
9-L'Oréal: false lashes flutter buterfly effect in black/waterproof
10-BlackUp blush n°BL11
11- Cargo: HD  presses powdern°40
12-NARS lip gloss in color Rouge Tribal
13-Nail polish:(not in the picture but more details HERE)

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