My 2014 summer skin care routine: Step2/3 tone and moisturize

 September 14th, 2014 
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Hello readers, today I introduce to you the part 2 out of 3 of my summer skin care routine. You can read part one here: "removing makeup and clean"
I really don't think that toners are mandatory in a skin care routine. I have tried so many already and most of them don't do much to my skin. But there are two that I truely enjoy; "A perfect world" from Origins (full review HERE) and lately I have discovered the "Damask rose floral water" mist by Melvita that is a 100% natural. When I am done washing my face I spray a few pumps of this mist on it, then a few pumps on a cotton pad and I wipe everything. It helps remove any trace of cleanser left, lightly hydrates and helps  tightens pores sizes. It has a very natural scent and it is very refreshing during the summer.
Because I have a very complicated skin type I have never been able to find a perfect moisturizer. Depending on the state of my sensitive acne prone combination, dehydrated hyperpigmented skin I will use this or that product.
Daily: morning and night
I use the bottle in the middle on bellow pictcture, the Caudalie Vinoperfect radiance serum  as a treatment to prevent hyper pigmentation (full review HERE). It is also really moisturizing, so at night that's all I use. One drop is enough. During the day I follow this serum with a daily summer protection.
Daily: morning only
In order to prevent hyperpigmentation I always use a daily sun protection. I have talked HERE about my recent misadventures with some of them (Clinique, Kiehl's) so at the moment I am using the Creme de la mer SPF 50 protecting fluid . So far I have no complain about it. I am waiting a little bit more to do a review on it.
When my skin feels very dehydrated and needs a boost of moisture I may also use Caudalie Vinosource s.o.s serum by itself or use it  in combination with my other moisturizing products. I se one pump or one and a half for my entire skin. The texture is very light but moisturizes well.
Special occasions
On occasions I may also use the products above to moisturize my skin.
Aloe vera gel: I use this by itself only if my skin feels too oily, because it gives just a very light level of hydration. I also use it when I have an irruption of small breakouts because it is antibacterial so it helps to control that issue.
Nude by nature oil: This is a 100% dry natural oil that I use mostly after I have done a clarifying mask, when I treat myself with a weekly or bi-weekly mini spa. My skin feels very smooth and perfectly hydrated afterwards. This brand is an all natural Australian brand.
Eye cream
Although I have combination skin; my under eye area is very dry so I need something very nourishing in that area. Right now I am using AHAVA gentle eye cream. It  must be the third time I buy this one so it is a good product for me as it simply does what it claims to be doing.

This resume the part 2 of my skincare routine if you have any suggestions on moiturizers that you love do not hesitate to leave a comment bellow. 
Coming soon: step3/treatments



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