Girl at the beach: coral vibe !

 August 18th; 2014 
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Hello readers we recently had a 3 day-weekend in France thanks to a holiday. I won’t have any vacation for a while so I took this opportunity to go back to South of France where I am from. This is my favorite part of France so I am glad to share a little bit of it with you throgh this outfit of the day. I was on my way to the beach with a friend that day so I chose an outfit accordingly. 
I wanted to wear something very simple and very summery. As I said several times on previous posts  orange/coral is a big color trend this season so it was the perfect opportunity for me to wear for the very first time this top I bought 2 years ago. The cut is large on me because it is a size M although I wear a size S but this cut allows me to feel comfortable with my swimwear underneath. Furthermore I can remove it and put it back on very easily which is something to think about when you go to the beach.
That day was very hot so for the bottom I picked a light denim mini skirt that is very comfortable to wear. For my feet I favor gold shoes a lot in the summer because it goes well with pretty much everything (read more tips HERE). An other favorite ofmine is large glasses I always get the same shape.
.Below you can see that I wore a big purse that looks like it is made of straws. It is big enough to store all of my beach essentials and its earthy tone color fits perfectly with the beautiful Mediteranean landscape.
After a long walk me and my friend finally reached the beach and enjoyed it as much as we could because it would be soon time to go back to the "every day life"
I had an amazing time in South of France with some family members and friends. I just wish I had a little bit more time... I hope you enjoyed this past weekend as much as I did.

Pictures are not retouched and were taken with no flash
Top: Mango


  1. Loove the outfit and this beautiful coral color looks absolutely amazong on you! I miss living in the south of france had the best times there! Good luck for the week ahead x

    1. Thank you so much and good luck to you too for the weekend to come :-)


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