My review: Klorane mask with abyssinia oil - for dehydrated and dry/very dry hair-

 July 14th; 2014 
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Hello; today I want to do a review of a product I have been using a lot for the past 4 years so I can honestly say that it is so far my favorite in its category which is: hair mask for dry to very dry hair.
Klorane is a French brand that uses it sciences of plants to create hair and skin care products. In France it is mainly sold in French pharmacies but I am sure you can also find it on the Internet. I discovered this particular product randomly one day as I was spending some time in a French pharmacy. What got my attention at first was what is written on the container: for kinky, frizzy, relaxed, dry hair. I was pleased that a well known French brand had finaly acknowledged African type hair. The marketing plan is to get the attention of the Black market but this product should work on anyone with dry to very dry hair of course.
Despite the price for the quantity you get (14€/5oz or 150ml) I decided to give it a try and bought it with 3 other products from the same line ² I am not going to talk about those here because they don’t have that much of an interest to me.

The first time I used this product I realized that the consistency is very thick so although it is not difficult to apply on the hair it does not distribute easily throughout your all head so you have to use a lot of product in my opinion. I almost finished the full container in one application only so I was upset, but I went to sleep with the mask and a heated cap on top. When I woke up the next morning I realized that I had forgotten to stop the heat in my bedroom (yes this is animportant information for this review).
First I realized that the mask had sinked in well into my hair shaft, I went ahead and rinsed my hair, quickly towel dried and when it was time to detangle my hair I realized that my hair had never ever been so soft and so easy to detangle. This feeling lasting for 2 weeks. I usually need to moisturize my hair a few times a week. Well the first week I did not need to do anything as my hair felt very moisturized and soft; the second week I moisturized my hair a few times but it still felt moisturized and soft. The second time I used it I did the exact process but the next morning nothing special happened !!!!!  At first I did not understand until I remembered that I had slept with the heat on. SO the 3rd time I used this product I left it on my hair for 20 min with heat. I just heat the cap with a blow dryer as I do not have a professional heat cask and I got the same amazing results I got the first time. Since then I have been following that same process every time I use this mask. Conclusion: you will get better results if you use heat with it.
-Who should buy this product?
Anyone who has dry to very dry hair. It has a very thick consistency so I think that those with thick hair strands will enjoy it the most.
-The bad: This product is expensive for the quantity that you get (14€/5oz or 150ml) so if you enjoy cheap products pass your way
-The good: It works. It works so well: it detangles, moisturizes and softens the hair much better that any other masks I have used so far and trust me I have used a lot. The results are long lasting. 
-Will I repurchase?
Definitely yes; and you can see on the first picture that it is a product that I repurchase often. I have been using it for four years and I do not plan to stop. It worked on my long dry straight relaxed hair and it is still working on my now short kinky natural hair. I don’t use it all the time as it is expensive; I also have other good moisturizing masks so I use it in rotation but this one is by far the best for me, so as long as it exists I will continue to use it.

My quick tip:
As this mask is very thick I sometimes mix it with olive oil.

If you have ever tried this mask let me know your thoughts ?



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