Summer essentials + giveway time ! (deadline is June 21st)

 May 31st; 2014 
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Hello, today I want to share some of my summer essentials products with you. I said “some of” because I have so much more but I had to make a choice…
Veet hair removal cream: In summer we spend so much time "half naked" that I had to talk about hair removers. I have been using a cream for as long as I can remember. I have used razors several times but hairs grow back too quick for me. I had also tried waxing in the past, and the result was great but I am too scared to do it again as I find the process too painful. With the cream it is all gentle and I am all good for a week.
Yves Rocher body srub: As said above our skin is always out in the summer so I scrub my body more often than usual. This scrub contains large apricots bits and it is not creamy so it does the job perfectly and when I am done my skin feels like baby’s skin.  It has a natural perfume that I love and one tube will last you a long time. I have been using this product for years and so far I have not found better.
Coconut oil: I like to use this oil as a body moisturizer as it leaves my skin looking glowy and feeling soft. A little bit goes a long way and the smell is lovely. More details HERE

SPF 50 Kiehl’s moiturizer: I have talked about the importance of wearing a moisturizer with a strong SPF many times on this blog already and it is even more important in the summertime.  Having a good protection from the sun can prevent premature wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, dark spots and of course it protects from sunburns. I have never used this particular product yet (new purchase) but I love the brand Kiehl’s so I have high hope.

Bioderma makeup wipes: You should know by now that removing my makeup properly is very important for me but in the summer we travel a lot, we stay at family’s or friend’s places and we can’t always bring our entire skin care products with us so makeup wipes are a necessity for me. I have a full review of the wipes HERE

I am still in love with my favorite mascara from Benefit “they’re real”, but in the summer I need a waterproof mascara. Right now I am using the l'Oréal false lash butterfly wings in waterproof. Read my review HERE. Few weeks ago I discovered some lipstick pencils or lacquer balm from Revlon, and I fall in love with 2 colors that are perfect for this summer. A nude one (n°145 ingénue) and a coral/orange color (n°130 tease seductrice) that is so trendy this summer.
I could not finish this post without talking about nail polish as painting my nails and my toes is one of my favorite things to do in the summer. This year orange/coral color is a big trend and I love it so I bought those beautiful colors from KIKO (n°357+n°491). In order for me to make the nail polish drying process quicker I also use a special top coat Mavadry by Mavala. It is a time-saver; an amazing product that does exactly what it claims to do.

This is an international giveway and you can see details of the price above. The lovely green pocket is included. Summer is coming soon so I know you will make a good use out of it. 
Here is the simple rule:
n°1-You need to like my Facebook page HERE
n°2-You need to leave a comment on Facebook, on the Giveway post telling me :
-what you appreciate in my blog?
-what would you like to read in the future ?
I will announce the winner on my blog an Facebook on June 21st, first day of summer. and I will contact this person via her Facebook account that same day.
Good luck to you !


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