I need something to change: time to cut it all off !

 May 24th; 2014 
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Hello readers as you can already guess by the title and the pictures, I cut all my hair off. To explain you the how and the why and to make it easier for you to read this post, I decided to write this one under the form of a Q & A.
When did you cut your hair?
I cut my hair myself 2 weeks ago already, after shampooing and deep conditioning it. When it was time for me to detangle it I felt the urge to cut everything off and that’s what I did.
What was your hair length before the cut ?
My hair was past arm pit length (APL) and it was chemically straightened (relaxed/ textlaxed) (see here).
Why short hair?
I have been thinking of cutting my hair as short as Halle Berry's for more than 10 years already because I think it looks nice, modern and I like to change my look.
How long have you been seriously thinking about cutting your hair?
I have been on a healthy hair journey since 2010 and I was very proud of my efforts, progress and results but it was becoming a little bit boring. I had been thinking about it on and off for more than a year and that day I just felt the urge to do it.
What finally pushed you to cut it?
N°1-I always thought that in order to work short hair nicely it was important to know how to do makeup and to have a nice skin. I am finally there so I had no more excuses not to do it.
N°2-In a past post I briefly talked about the fact that I had faced health issues that caused my hair to shed a lot (see here). People who don’t know me can’t see that because it is not obvious but my hair is normally thick and I love thickness. First I had decided to maintain my hair at its length until it returns all thick again but then I realized that it was a perfect timing to finally cut it.
Is it a «big chop»? (discover/keep your hair natural)
Not at all, I know my natural kinky hair so there is no discovery for me. My hair is natural now but I may decide to relax it again in one or two years. Who knows? That’s not a big deal for me. The big discovery and change for me is to have my hair that short.
Any regrets ?
I thougth I would quickly have some regrets but not at all. I am still very happy with my decision but as I said above, overall I had been thinking about it for more than 10 years already so I was definitely ready for this change.
Do you plan on keeping it short?
No. I have always wanted to see myself with short hair and now that it is done I am going to let it grow back while enjoying each length.
What did you entourage say to you ?
1-Oh my god you cut everything ! Why did you do that ! You’re crazy !
2-It suits you well !
I took the above pictures the day of the cut, that is why I have no makeup and no hair products on. A few days later I did another mini cut to even out everything but you’ll find out the final result on a next post…

The new Dianna.H 

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