Battle of the brands: My review/Benefit "they're real" VS L'oréal False lash flutter butterfly

 November 6th, 2013 
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Hello, regarding makeup I really like to test things out in order to find out the best product on the market. Call me a product junkie, but when I find something that really works; I tend to stick to it for a while. That's what I have been doing for almost a year with my favorite mascara; “they’re rea"l by Benefit. I have been talking a lot about it on my previous posts related to makeup but lately I have decided to try to see if I could find a better mascara and the first one I put to the test is the "false lash flutter butterfly" by l'Oréal.
Each person look for different things in a mascara depending on our own lashes, so let me talk to you about mine. My lashes are naturally curly they are long but not super long; they are thick but not super thick. The perfect mascara for me would give me super definition (separate and extend every single lashes), great length and great volume but I have learnt to be more realistic. So I love mascaras that give my lashes super definition with a little bit more length and thickness. I do not pass on super definition, hat’s extremely important for me because I think that it really showcase my eyes sape. One note; I hate mascara that clump my lashes, for me that’s a big NO, NO. I also need to wear mascaras that are very long lasting/waterproof because I wear rigid contacts and my eyes are super super sensitive.

My opinion:
Both mascaras have nice packaging, both formulas are very black, both mascaras do not clump my lashes. Both mascaras are good but here are some differences:
-Benefit's brush is easier to use and as a result you get the look quicker.
-Benefit mascara gives my lashes a more length, more thickness and more definition. You can see on the picture that the difference is not huge but it is there.
-Benefit mascara is a very long lasting one whereas the L'oréal one is a regular mascara and so far the waterproof*** formula does not exist. The hold is not bad at all but if you really need a very long lasting mascara like I do, you will feel the difference.
Now let's talk about the price. You can find the L'Oréal mascara for £11 (7 ML) whereas the Benefit mascara retails for £19.50 (8.5g). If your budget is tight the L'Oréal mascara is a good pick because it does what it states. But "they're real" from Benefit is defenitely better for me,more impact, easier to use and very long lasting. 

Despite the price difference for me Benefit wins this battle !

L'Oréal has just lauched a waterproof version of the mascara "false lash flutter buterfly". I have tried it and I like the fact that unlike so many so called waterproof mascara on the market it is a true waterproof mascara . Despite that I still favour "they're real" from Benefit !



  1. i loooove your lashes,
    the lower eye lashes are so long!!!


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