Should we care about fashion ?

 October 13th; 2013 
Each year fashion week takes place in several worldwide cities in order to introduce the new fashion trends. Photographs, stylists, models, stars, wealthy people, editors and now bloggers are invited to discover what we are going to wear next season. Unless you are able to afford those nice but very expensive clothes you may ask what does it has to do with us “regular people”. Well as I highlighted those last weeks a lot of what we see on runways will end up in retail stores at one point…
                         Scottish Tartan trend----------------------The Chanel Jacket trend/Jacket from Monoprix
                   Ralph Lauren shirt bought 4 years ago------------(French supermarket) bought this summer


Studies have shown that when we meet someone for the first time 70% of our attention is focused on the appearance. That’s sad but that’s true and meeting someone for the first time could mean: meeting a client, a professor, your banker or you future employer etc …so you might think about this twice before saying that you do not care about fashion. We only have one opportunity to make a first impression and that would be a pity to waste that because of our look. The goal here is not to walk around dressed like a super model but simply to know what outfit works for you or which outfit is appropriate for each occasion. 

Sometime I look at people in the streets and I swear that some people are dressed like we are still living in the 80’s or 90’s. Don’t get me wrong having your own style is good but we should never forget that it is 2013 so it’s great to get inspirations from those years but just avoid to copy and paste those looks. The difference is subtle but it is more obvious if you have basic knowledge on fashion. It does not matter how tall/small or curvy/skinny you are; it’s about having a good style and being able to understand what fits you and what does not… You can get this basic knowledge from friends or family members by reading magazines looking at fashion runways, taking a few afternoons to window-shopping and try out several outfits. You can also get advice from blogs like mine and it is free; so thank you Internet!!! It might seem confusing at first but like everything the more you’ll do it the easier it will get.
Burgundy trend-----------------------Tapestry trend
              Kookai top bought last year-----------------------Massimo Dutti dress bought last year

Do I need to get broke ?
I have shown during those past fashion posts that you can find trendy items from different types of stores and you can also find really good materials from retail stores as well. The better the material the longer your outfit will last and as a result you won’t have to shop as much. That is also the reason why window-shopping is important because you get to know brands and you are quicly able to recognize which one sells items with good fabrics and which one do not.

Should we follow fashion trends ?
There is a benefit to know about new fashion trends when you are looking for a specific item. For instance someone who has always wanted to get a denim shirt should be happy this year as there are many choices unlike those past years. Fashion trends come and go again and again and again so like I said previously if you’re able to find brands with good materials your outfits should last a long time as long as you know how to take care of it. As a consequence each year you should be able to find a few trendy items in your closet. That's what I wanted to prove with those 4 picture. each one represents a fashion trend for this season but each outfit here were bought several months or several years ago.

There are many reasons to follow fashion and its trends; for me it’s a pleasure, it’s a passion it’s a hobby, and it is a way to express myself. But the most important is to find yourself a good style and to feel comfortable in your own clothes 


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