Part 1/2: Products I should have never bought: Bioderma matifying sun fluid SPF 30

 Octobre 20th; 2013 
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Hello; since I have started this blog I mostly talked about products I love because as I said in a previous post this last couple of years I came across many great skin care products that actually work. But I think it is also important to talk about those products that did not do anything for me. What inspired this post is a TV commercial that has been on TV a lot lately. It’s about the Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Solution by the brand Clinique. That commercial  reminded me that I bought a few bottles of this serum in the past and I was absolutely disappointed… So today I am going to talk about those products; the ones we should have never bought !!!
Just a reminder in case it is the first time you read this blog: I always wear sunscreen whether it is summer or winter (found out why here). In winter and spring I always wear a SPF 30 so last spring I decided to buy the one by Bioderma which claims to be transparent. Usually I use the Brand Alpha-h but I was moving a lot during that time and I ended up in a place where I did not have this product with me so I turned to this brand. I bought the product with no concern because I like this brand and it is clearly written on the bottle that this formula has an invisible texture. Well we always have to be careful with what a brand claims. The first time I used this product was also a day where I was spending some time with my niece and while we were on a train filled with people she said with a loud voice.
Her: Auntie why do you look purple ?
Me: What ?
Her: Yes you look purple
Me(thinking): Oh my god !!!
I knew exactly what she meant when she used the word purple. I did not need to check myself in the mirror because I know that most products with SPF make people with dark/tanned skin look blue/purple that is why I am usually very carreful with those products. But I think that because I trusted the brand and because it was written "invisible texture" on the bottle I did not check myself in the mirror before leaving the house. Big mistake !!!  This formula is not transparent at all ! This story ends with me distracting my niece with candies so she wouls stop asking that same question in front of people lol . When I came back home I realized that my face was literally looking purple. That was the first and the last time I used  this product, the bottle is till full. I was so upset, it was just a waste of my money. I think that from now on I am going to stick with my Alpha-H moisturizer/sun protection.

I had planned on making a single article for several products I don’t like but I thought that this little story deserved its own article :-)

Until next time.


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