Me and my hair: straightening process

 August 28th, 2013 
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I have straightened my hair few weeks ago and I want to share my process. I have not mastered that technique 100% yet because for the past 3 years I have only straightened my hair 3 times. But I am learning by trial and errors.

I should start with some information on my hair. Naturally my hair is very thick dry and kinky. I have had some health issues last year that thinned my hair out but it’s getting better now so I hope that my hair will regain some thickness overtime. I chemically straightened my hair every 6 months and I use a relaxer for that although I do not relax my hair bone straight meaning that I still have some kinky texture to it, this technique is also called “textlaxed.”
I straightened my hair in several steps to minimize damages that heat can cause on my hair.
 1/I used coconut oil (1)overnight as a pre-poo (see how I do that here)
2/I washed my hair with a moisturizing/detangling shampoo (2)
3/I used a protein conditioner to strengthen my hair for 10 min (3)
4/I used a mask  (4) under a heat cap for 20/30 minutes to moisturize and condition my hair. This mask also claims to help the hair straitening process. One of my favorite mask is from this brand that’s why I wanted to try this one. It was my first use and I have to say that I was not disappointed; it's a good one.
The use of heat can be very damaging on the hair; that’s why I do not want to rely solely on ONE heat protectant. This time my only heat protectant was the entire process  before I used my blow-dryer (oil treatment, protein conditioner, conditioning mask).

After I rinsed out the mask I added some home-made leave-in (5) product; I air-dried my hair and when it was 80 % dry I lightly blew-dry (9) my damped roots with my wide tooth comb. I had planned on using the “Denman brush” (7) for the first time to help me straightening my hair but I did not use it in the end as it was slowing me down. I think I need some training with it.  I have a really good flat ironed (10) so I used it taking a  small amount of hair each time. The heat was at °F380; it might seem a lot but that is what my hair needs. In the end I decided to “try” adding some curls with the flat ironed. After taking the pictures I decided to cut a few inches off my hair. I almost forgot, while my hair is straight I lightly moisturized the ends regulary with a small amount of Argan oil (6).
 I have used heat protectants in the past but I have the feeling that it weighted my hair down so I wanted to try a new process and so far so good. My hair felt strong but soft and light. As I said at the beginning I am not an expert in straightening my hair but I am working on it… I can honestly say that my process helped me having really soft and moisturized hair so the entire process is working in progress … 

Next time I straighten my hair I’ll make an update.


Photo :
1-Organic Coconut Oil
2-Creme of Nature detangling conditioning shampoo
3-Aphogee 2 minute reconstructor
4-Klorane nutricious mask with papyrus milk
Most products mentioned are easy to find with the Internet. This mask is from a French brand so you can easily find it in French Pharmacies, otherwise it might be more difficult to find. Below is a link for international orders, but you can also try threw ebay.
5-I used an old bottle of Jane Carter solution leave-in to put my own receipe (mix of aloe vera juice and oils)
6- Organic Argan oil
7-Denman classic styling brush D79
8-Regular wide tooth comb
9-Regular blow-dryer by Babylis
10 Flat iron (E-038) by Wetline with Ceramic plates and Ionic heat.

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