My review on Nuxe vitamin-rich detox mask

 August 3rd, 2017 
Hello readers, it is still summer so the usage of a detoxifying/clarifying face mask especially for oily or combination skin like mine can be very lovely. Today I decided to review the vitamin-rich detox mask by Nuxe. I bought this mask a while back already so it is about time I review it.

First of all I do not like when brands use the word "detox" to promote their products. I understand it is the last trend but come on!!! Detox tea, detox diet, detox shampoo, detox face mask!!!! Detox has a proper meaning which has nothing to do with any of this. So here I will not focus on the “”detox”” claim but on the “clarifying” claim which is more accurate in my opinion.

Nuxe vitamin-rich detox mask is a natural based face mask like many NUXE products. It has 99.3% of ingredients from natural origns and 32.8% of organic product. For many that could be a really good thing but I am always very cautious as natural/organic does not always mean safe/gentle, and 99.3% of ingredients from natural origins does not equal natural ingedients...

How to use this product?
Apply a thick layer for 5 minutes then massage in so the gel can transform into a fine oil which turns into milk emulsion for express rinsing.

What does the brand claims?
-This detox mask has an ultra-sensorial texture and vitamin-rich fragrance (essences of Orange and Mandarin, etc…).
This mask really has a citrus ultra-sensorial fragrance and orange fruit water is the 6th ingredient but that cannot explain the very strong citrus smell. The 8th ingredient in the list is just called “fragrance” with no more information which usually indicates that it is not natural fragrance like plant extracts, essential oils etc… The very last 2 ingredients are limonene and linalool which are often found in plant extract and used as a flavoring. So it seems that there is a mix of natural and synthetic fragrances in this product. For those who enjoy scented skincare products this is a plus because it is a lovely smell; but I do not. Fragrances are irritating to the skin and tend to break me out but that was my mistake when I bought it. I did not look at the ingredients.
-It eliminates impurities and the skin is detoxified while the complexion is clarified and radiant.
After using this mask I did not see any difference at all on my skin. It did not feel deep cleaned or brighter… There was zero improvement. The only thing I noticed the next morning was new pimples but as I said above that was my mistake when I picked this mask. My skin is very sensitive to many things including natural and synthetic fragrances so I cannot blame the product for that as I should have paid more attention to the ingredient list.

My final opinion.
The good:I like the original texture of this product and the fact that it is easy to rinse out. 
The bad:It has a nice natural citrus smell but I do not appreciate scented product on my skin, especially on my face and this one is highly scented so for that reason alone I should have not have bought it. Synthetic or natural fragrances do not add anything to a product except for a nice smell and they are classified as irritants to the skin so be very careful with those.

Now, the main reason I do not recommend this product to anyone is simply because it did not do anything to my skin. And trust me I love skincare especially face mask and this did absolutely NOTHING!

Well as I said I love face mask so if you have a favorite I would love to know about it!



  1. I've heard good things about this nuxe product! Going on my wish ♥ list now.

  2. Yes these brands claim too much, as far as working of detox teas concern, I think they work good if you focus on your diet as well, not solely rely on just teas. This nuxe detox mask is also good, I've used it.

  3. I've been looking for info on this topic for a while. I'm happy this one is so great. Keep up the excellent work face masks

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