Two cheap shampoos for dry hair, natural hair, relaxed hair.

 March 4th, 2017 
Hello readers, I started my hair journey in 2010; first with my relaxed hair and then with my natural hair. Overall it has been successful. Like many other people I started my hair journey by buying many products; but I quickly found out two shampoos which have been working well for me those past years and I am going to tell you all about it here.

 Those two products are not natural ingredients based shampoos but they have both been working well for me. I am aware that sulfate can cause bad reactions to some people. So if that is the case for you just know that the Keracare shampoo has no sulfate.

Those two shampoos are not drying out my hair.

Those two shampoos are washing my hair gently although in my opinion the Crème of Nature conditioning detangling shampoo is a little bit more effective in my opinion.
Those two shampoos detangle the hair, which is absolutely necessary for me as my hair is very kinky/coily so my hair strands tend to tangle very easily. Because they are truly detangling those shampoos make my wash day goes faster and the process of washing my hair is so much easier. After using both shampoos for years I can say that the Keracare shampoo is a little bit more detangling.

I love both shampoos, they are both cheap and as you can tell they both work great for me. Now if I had to choose only one I would pick the Crème Of Nature conditioning detangling shampoo because it is the cheapest.

Because I like to try new things I have been trying “real” natural based products recently but so far I have not found a shampoo that is worth mentioning. But do not worry I will keep you posted when I do.

Now I would love to know what your favorite shampoo is. ???



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