My review: Filorga foam cleanser

 March 17th, 2017 
Hello readers today I am going to review a product I used to use for a while but never got the chance to review until today. I am talking about Filorga foam cleanser which also acts as a makeup remover.
Many of you may not know this brand as it is a French brand but their products are easily available worldwide thanks to the Internet and it is a brand worth knowing in my opinion. Laboratoires Filorga is a brand that was created other 30 years ago ato provide aesthetic products for the medical profession. In 2006 they developped aesthetic products for the general public. They have a range of products that target anti-aging.  I am not intersting in anti-aging products yet but within that range you can also find products that target specific skin issues that target everyone such as hyerpigmentation, oiliness or large pores...

I bought Filorga foam cleanser for the first time years ago while I was looking for a quick, gentle but effective way to remove all my makeup.
I love the clear bottle as the packaging because I can see exactly how much product left I have. The cleanser has a fresh and mild scent itself and looks like a clear liquid. When you press the pump the liquid turn into a white foam. I could not show you the foam in those pictures as this product is empty... This cleanser removes all your makeup including waterproof mascara, it does not dry my skin out and does not irritate my eyes. You can use it on dry or damped skin to remove all your makeup but you can also use it to simply cleanse your skin. To sum up this prodcuct does everything it is supposed to do and it should work for every skin type including dry skin.

Will I repurchase?
Althought this product does an excellent job I would not repurchase it only because there is perfume in it and I am on the process of eliminating all perfume from my skincare routine. Also for the price I wish that it would last longer... But honnestly if you do not have any issues with perfume you should definitely give it a try.

Price:£20, $25, €17/150ml or 5.1fl.oz



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