My review: Garnier oil-infused cleansing water

 February 6th, 2017 
Hello readers, if you read my blog on a regular basis you must know by now that I love everything skincare and one skincare invention I absolutely love for my combination capricious reactive very sensitive acne prone skin is micellar water. I have been using it for 7 years now and I told you all about
it HERE. So when I do a review on a micellar water I know exactly what I am talking about.

Last year I bought the new waterproof micellar oil-infused cleansing water by Garnier. I was more than pleased to see it in a store as I wear waterproof eye makeup most of the time. I bought it with blind eyes because I have been using the regular micellar water for sensitive skin by Garnier for many years now and I love it. Well that purchase was a huge mistake…

The first and last time I used this product was last summer to remove waterproof makeup I had on my hand. This product did a great job and left my hand feel normal at first… All the makeup was removed very easily so I was pleased. A few minutes later my friend told me: “What is happening to your hand??? And me: “What? What are you talking about? I looked at my hand and my hand was white! Super ashy white! If you are black you understand… If you are not you need an explanation… Black people get an ashy look on their skin when their skin is dry, not moisturized enough or irritated. Well, although my hands have been very ashy many times in my life they have never looked that ashy, “white”, irritating and dry. In the car I used cleansing wipes to clean my hand, moisturized it with a hand cream and never used the Garnier micellar oil-infused cleansing water again until today in order to take the "before and after" pictures below so you can see for yourself what I am talking about.
After that incident I checked if there were any major differences between the original micellar water that I have been using without any problems for years and this one.

*The original micellar water only have a few ingredients which is usual for a product that targets sensitive skin when the waterproof one as a tone of ingredients.

*The original micellar water does not smell anything and does not contain any perfume.

*The waterproof version smells literally like a perfume and no I am not kidding. The smell is very strong. In the ingredient list perfume is the very last ingredient so I was surprised that it has such a strong smell. Well after some research I noticed that the 4rd ingredient in the list is Benzyl salicylate which is a  volatile fragrance. Applied topically it can cause negative reactions even in small amounts (see HERE). Now tell me the importance of fragrance for a product that target sensitive skin?And the brand states on the bottle that you don’t need to rinse out this product, you can also use it to remove eye makeup?????????

*It also has colorant : CI 60725/violet 2
Again, tell me the importance of a colorant in a skincare product that target sensitive skin?
And the brand states on the bottle that you don’t need to rinse out this product?????????

The brand marketed a lot around the presence of argan oil and yes there is argan oil in this bottle; but do not get fool by the marketing around the argan oil ingredient. Clearly there is not enough argan oil in this product tocounterbalance the harsh effects of the other ingredients. The purpose of a micellar water is to clean skin gently and for me this is the worst micellar water I have ever tried. Actually except for the name it is not a micellar water for me. I am just very happy that I have never used it on my face and my eyes!!! 
I almost forgot it is also supposed to nourish the skin; it is written on the bottle... 
Well you decide!

Have you ever used it? What do you think?


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