My review: l'huile Leonor Greyl and Shampooing crème moelle de Bambou

 November 2nd, 2016 
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Hello readers, several months ago I decided to try the high end French hair brand Leonor Greyl. Because those products are very expensive I decided to buy deluxe samples to give it a try. Leonor Greyl has many lines of hair products but I decided to focus my choice on 3 products that target dry hair as my hair is naturally very dry. In this post I will first focus on the oil by Leonor Grey and the bamboo shampoo by Leonor Greyl.

 1-L’huile de Leonor Greyl (The oil) $59/€35/£28.50 for 95 ml
This oil can be used as a pre treatment which means that you have to apply it before your shampoo for a minimum of 10 minute or overnight in order to get more hydrated, softer and detangled hair. The brand also states that it is waterproof and has sun protection in it but I have only used it overnight as a pre-treatment. This oil is liquid but depending on the temperature it can turn into a thick solid paste so you might have to warm the bottle with hot water. This process was easy and quick with my deluxe sample as the bottle is small but I don’t think the process will be that easy and quick if you have the regular size bottle. The packaging does not seem convenient.
I used the oil overnight and washed it the next morning with a shampoo. My result was more hydrated, detangled and softer hair as stated by the brand and I enjoyed the smell. Beside those good results I was not impressed by this product as I am used to use 100% organic vegetable oil as a pre-treatment and I get better results for a much cheaper price, so this is not a product I will repurchase.

2-Shampooing Crème Moelle de Bambou $51/33€/£28 for 200ml
The brand states that this product nourishes, detangles, regenerates, smooth down and protect the hair and is suitable for all hair types prone to dryness. To be honest I do not expect so much from a shampoo as for me a shampoo is mainly made to clean the hair. I would not say that this shampoo is nourishing but it is for sure not drying. 
I would not say that it detangles my hair, but for sure it does not tangle my hair either. I will add that I love how clean and light my hair felt after shampooing with it; which is different from the shampoos I am used to use that contain silicone or quaterny ammonium compounds which work very similar than silicone. Although those ingredients help detangling my hair they also make my hair feel heavy and coated. 
Personally I do not have any issues with sulfates but for those who avoid any type of sulfates, be aware that this shampoo contains Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate as the second ingredient and sodium coceth sulfate as the fourth ingredient. I will finish to use this shampoo but  I will not buy it again as it is overpriced in my opinion especially as it is not as natural as I could think due to the brand slogan "natural hair care" (soin au naturel). You can read the full list of ingredients HERE. 

In order to provide a very detailed review of those products I decided to split this post into 2 parts. On the next post I will review their hair masque “Masque à l’Orchidée” which targets thick and dry hair. I will add the link HERE when the review is ready.

Have you ever used this oil or this shampoo?


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