3 steps for a perfect casual chic outfit for fall !

 November 8th, 2016 
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Hello readers today I want to share with you a new outfit of the day which is actually perfect for a night out in fall or winter.

This outfit is what I call a night out casual chic outfit. It is the type of look I enjoy the most when I am lazy but I have to go out and I still want to look great while feeling comfortable. So this is what I do. First, I look in my closet for casual outfits which are made from good fabrics. The cut of those clothes also need to be perfect on me. If the color is deep and if it is uni color, that is great. If there are some satin or sparkles details on it that’s even better. That’s what I did here with the top and the skirt which are both from the brand ESPRIT. The cut of both items is perfect and the satin fabric details on the sweater make it a perfect choice for an evening outfit.

The second easy step for a casual chic outfit for the night is to pick the perfect accessories. The bigger it is the better and if you can get an original piece then go for it. Here I decided to get a big jewelry with my neckless and to add my original touch I chose those amazing leopard print inspired shoes. In order for the full look to be well balanced I decided to go with a very simple evening purse.

The third step for a night casual chic outfit is to wear high heels. What? How do the words casual and high heels work together? Well that is a NIGHT casual CHIC look, and for the evening high heels are a must have. Now if you can’t bare them then go for varnish or sparkly shoes because you are going out at night and you can’t go out with typical casual shoes. That is a no, no. Here my heels might not seem that high and that is true but I am very tall so trust me when I say that this height is enough for me.

 I absolutely love this look and I had a lot of fun shooting it so I hope you enjoy it as well. Next time I go out that is probably the outfit I will pick.


Sweater : Esprit
Skirt : Esprit
Neckless : Bocage
Shoes : Bocage
Purse : unknown brand (it's a gift !)

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