My review on skinceuticals brightening UV defense SPF30 high protection

 October 21st, 2016 
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Hello readers, I know that it is very extremely difficult to find the perfect moistrizer with sunscreen in it. As it needs to be non-gressay, transparent etc... But I am still looking for the perfect one and today I am reviewing the Brightening UV Defense SPF30 by Skinceuticals which I have been tested for quite some time now.
Before we look into what the brand has to say about this product let's find out if this moisturising sunscreen with SPF 30 respects the "chiicpik" requirements that any good sunscreen should be able to meet.

1-A moisturizer with SPF should not leave a white cast on my face
Although this product does not leave a white cast on the face it is not 100% transparent either. After application my african dark skin tone looks a little bit off. With other sunscreens this issue is sometimes so strong that I don't feel comfortable at all wearing them. With this one I can deal with that situation. This issue should be barely visible on someone with fair skin.

2-A moisturizer with SPF should not have alcohol denat as a main ingredient. It is even better if there is no alcohol denat at all.
This sunscreen has alcohol denat listed as the ninth ingredient in the list.  I have very sensitive skin and alcohol denat is an ingredient that breaks me out and makes my skin tone look dull overtime. In this case because it is low in the list I guess I did not get any of those issue.

3-A moisturizer with SPF should not break me out.
As answered above it did not break me out.
4-A moisturizer with SPF should not sting my eyes
This product might only sting your eyes after many hours of wear (9-10 hours), so at the end of the day only. Otherwise you're good.

5-A moisturizer with SPF should not have perfume, have a strong smell or smells like a regular sunscreen.
Well this product does not contain perfume and it has a very light scent.

6-A moisturizer with SPF should not leave my skin very oily, greasy or sticky
The Brightening UV Defense by Skinceuticals does not leave my skin very oily or very sticky but my skin is not left matte ever. I have combination skin and yes when I use it my skin becomes a little oilier and it is a little bit sticky but it is not a throwback to me.

7-A moisturizer with SPF should protect my skin against UVA and UVB
The brand clearly states that The Brightening UV Defense by Skinceuticals protects against UVA and UVB. 

What the brand states.
Brightening UV Defense SPF 30 is  daily-use, hydrating sunscreen with state-of-the-art UV filters. It helps prevent the appearance of UV-induced hyperpigmentation. Works for eery skin type. This product is oil-free, fragance-free, paraben-free.
My final opinion
The texture of the Brightening UV Defense by Skinceuticals has nothing special. It looks like a moisturizer. The packaging is simple and it works. I used this product last year during the fall, winter and the spring seasons and as you can see on one of the above picture, I bought it twice which means that I like it a lot. Although it is not perfect and does not respect all of my high requirements it is still a product that I recommend because most suncreens do not even respect half of those requirements anyway. Plus I clearly noticed that my hyperpigmentation was going away pretty fast and my skin tone became so even that I was myself surpised. Keeping my skin tone even is the main reason I wear sunscreens so yes I love it. I also agree with the statement from the brand that states that it should work for every skin type as it is moisturising and not too oily but I feel that people with normal skin type will benefit from it the most 


NB: The legislation regarding suncreens might be different from one country to another so with a different formulation the product might work differently. I bought mine in France and the formulations are the same within the European Union.


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