My review on the silky silk peeling powder by Sensai/Kanebo

 September 2nd 2016 
Hello readers today I am going to talk about a skincare product from the japanese brand Sensai, the silky silk peeling powder by Sensai/Kanebo. It is a product that might be new for you because it is not popular and it is difficult to get in some countries outside the Internet; but I have been using it for years now and it is so worth it...
The silk peeling powder by Sensai/Kanebo is an enzyme powder with a lavish foam that removes blackheads and dead cells for smooth clear skin. I agree with that and I would even add that after I use it my skin tone is more even and luminous. The brand states that it is suitable for all skin type but having using it for a while I would say that it tends to make skin feels dryer so I need to moisturize my combination/oily skin when I am done using it. So "very dry skin people" be aware that it might not be for you. The description of this silk peeling powder reminds me of an exfoliant so I see it as an enzyme exfoliant.
The brand adivse to apply it mornings and/or evenings 1-3 times a week after your cleansing process; to concentrate on problem areas and then to rinse well. When I use it, I use it twice a week in the evenings only


The packaging is so smart as they built a mecanism on top of the bottle that delivers the exact amount of powder you need for one usage so you're not loosing any product and the process never gets messy. By damping the powder it will turn it into a very fine smooth paste that you will massage on your skin as a regular cleanser. The best way to easily damp the powder is to simply wet your hands first and then pour the product on your wet hand. Rub your hands together and the powder will quickly turn into a very finepaste that you can apply on your face. I prefer to let it sit a few minutes on my skin for better results.
The packaging is perfect, the product works great and the skin feels super smooth and more even when you're done using it. The product is expensive (around €70,£55 for 40g) but it will last you for ever. A full year if you use it 2/week as the mecanism built in the bottle does not allow any lost of product. Honnestly I have nothing bad to say about it.

Anyone unless you have very dry skin.
Do you know this product? What do you think about it?



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