My current favorites: Burberry full kisses lipsticks

 July 29th, 2016 
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1- Nude n°505: It is a mix of the colors beige brown with a little bit of pink which makes it a perfect nude.

2- Rosewood n°533: It is a pink with some brown undertone
3-Light Crimson n°517: This is a bright and bold pink color
4-Coral red n°525: The name described it well as it is a bright and bold coral red (red/orange)
Hello readers today I am reviewing products that are my current big love. I am talking about Burberry full kisses lipsticks. I discovered them a couple months ago and if I am not mistaken they have been launched this summer for a summer edition. That is what their representative told me at Sephora, but I really hope that they will stay in their permanent collection and I am going to tell you why right now. So here is 4 reasons why you should buy Burberry full kisses lipsticks

1-The pigmentation
Those lipsticks are very pigmented and the colors are gorgeous but the good thing is that if you do not want so much pigmentation you can easily adjust it by putting less product and you will end up with a very nice stain.
3-The long lasting properties
Unless you eat or kiss someone it will not move from your lips.
2-The feeling on the lips
Although the are long lasting they do not dry out the lips. And I know what I am talking about as my lips are always very very dry.
4-The beautiful colors
Burberry have launched 14 gorgeous colors. I was supposed to only get one but I found them so beautiful that I had to get more. Plus I was able to use a Sephora discount which helped. If you are dark skin, I am telling you right now that those 4 colors that I picked are the best for our skin tone.
The color n°4/Coral red n°525 which is above and below is my ultimate favorite for this summer. I rock it all the time. Sometimes I  just apply a very thin layer and sometimes I go bold. It is a perfect color for the sunny days and I get tons of compliments for it.
 Have you tried those Burberry full kisses lipsticks?



  1. The lipsticks look very hydrating. I may give them a try. Thanks for the review.

    1. You're welcomed and yes they feel very good on the lips. I cannot wait to wear the other colors this fall :-)


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