A boyish blue outfit.

 April 5th; 2016 
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Hello readers, the weather has not been nice lately so I have to be honest; it made be very reluctant to go outside to take pictures of my outfits. Luckily I recently found out pictures that I took 2 years ago in Spring. Those pictures were taken on a lovely Saturday while I was spending some time with my family in one of my favorite French city; Marseille.

I remember perfectly that particular Saturday because that was my very first day outside the house with my short hair. This outfit was quite simple because it was a simple day with my family. No need to be fancy... But my new hair cut was giving me a boyish style and I was not used to it yet. In order to balance that new look and bring some girly touch I decided to wear baby pink earings, some pink lipstick and a simple top wich has lovely feminine details on the shoulders.

I wear big sunglasses all the time whether it is sunny or not to protect my very sensitive eyes from the elements (sun, wind, dust...). If possible I am always looking for some gold looking details to make it look more fancy.
The chance of seeing me with a pair of jeans even on holidays is very little as I am not the biggest fan of denim. But when I have nothing to wear and I want to feel very comfortable I always go for it and skinny jeans are my favorites. As I knew I would spend the day walking for hours I decided to go for flat shoes. Those type of shoes was very trendy 2 years ago and that was my favorite pair to wear on the weekend at the time.
With some family members we just spent the day walking around this beautiful city. We were all ready for that day out so I was not wearing a purse but a regular black backpack where my big bottle of water and all my food for the picnic could fit.
It's a very simple outfit but so comfortable; perfect for a lazy weekend.

Outfit details
Sunglasses: H&M
Top: Kookai
Pair of jeans: Levis
Shoes: André



  1. The blue looks great on you!
    I cant take blue, though it's my favorite color :((

    1. Hi and thank you !!!! There are so many shades of blue, maybe you can find another one that works for you...


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