A casual outfit for spring !

 March 28th, 2016 
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Hello readers, today I decided to present you a perfect spring outfit. Usually I showcase outfits with items that were purchased a while ago but not today as the main items of this look are still in store...

I have recently taken a close look at my spring wardrobe and realized that I was missing some key pieces in order to have it complete. That gave me a good reason to do some shopping and the first item that caught my eye was this beautiful sweater. I have no issue with the color yellow but here the color is very subtil as this sweater is already embelished with lace embroidery shaped flowers. Flowers, spring. Spring, flowers. You got it???

For this outfit I chose to wear a purse that was gifted to me a while back. This purse is simple, small but very handy and I love the fact that its color clashes with the neutral colors that composed the rest of my outfit.
The pants are also a very recent purchase. Although spring is officially here, in reality we are still in transition between winter and spring so my legs need to be covered up. I fall in love at first sight with those pants because the cut is just perfect. and it is very comfortable. It is made of light denim and the blue color is more intense than usual which makes it perfect for srping.

Despite some light touches of colors here and there the colors of this look are mostly neutrals and I wanted to keep that theme color with my shoes as well. Here I wear simple and old light grey tennis shoes which are very useful for any casual spring or summer look.

I wanted to keep things simple for this look, and that's what I did with those neutral colors and those
casual clothing. But no matter what my style always need to be chic as well and you can still get that feeling thanks to the nce details on the sweater and the absolutely perfect cut of those pants.

I just love this look and I do not regret my recent purchases. What do you think?


Details of the outfit
Earings: Bala boosté
Sweater: Kookai
Pants: Kookai
Purse: Mango
Shoes: André

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