My review: Macadamia professional nourishing moisture hair masque

 February 14th, 2016 
Hello readers today I want to review the Macadamia professional nourishing moisture masque for medium to coarse hair. I bought 2 samples trials last summer and finally tried this mask several months ago. The brand states that this masque is color safe and it should reconstruct, revitalize and repair the hair thanks to its oils blend of macadamia and argan oil. Both oils are the 7th and 8th ingredient in the list.

I applied this masque like any other masque I use. I used the Macadamia professional nourihing hair masque on damp hair with heat for 15 minutes (I use a heating cap and my blow dryer), after shampooing. It has a nice texture, that is not too thick nor too thin and it smells good in my opinion. This masque is pact with oils and we can feel it with the texture so unless you have dry to very dry hair that is medium to coarse, stay away from it otherwise your hair will end up flat and greasy.
When I applied the mask on my hair I loved the fact that I did not need to use a lot of product as it covered the hair easily. But when I applied it I also realised that this mask was not smoothing my hair strands enough; especially the ends. As a consequence in a few seconds I got many single strand knots. Single strand knots are knots created by one single strand of hair which mingles into itself and end up creating a tiny knot on one strand of hair. This phenomenon is very specific to african hair type (kinky, coily) which I have.When I was done with my shampoo process (shampoo+masque) my hair was moisturised and revitalized but I was not more impressed than that and my ends were also full of tiny knots which I had to cut off.

Will I repurchase?
No this is not a product I would repurchase because it is expensive but not efficient enough on my hair. Although it does nourish and moisturize hair well, this Macademia professional nourishing moisture masque did not impressed me more than that. It does the job but it does not smooth my kinky natural hair enough. If you have dry/straight hair or dry/curly hair that is medium to coarse you should not have to face that issue. In that case only; yes I could recommend this hair masque but you can also find better hair masque for a better price on the market in my opinion.

Have you ever used this macadamia professional nourishing moisture hair masque? What do you think?


Price: $36/£30/38 for 250ml/8oz


  1. Wow $36! that's too much if the product is gonna get your hair tangled anyways thanks for the review

    1. Yes it was too much for me... And I am not sad because of the price. At least I don't have to buy it again hehe !


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