Favorite winter products or how does my skin survive in the winter.

 February 4th; 2016 
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Hello readers the winter and I are far from being best friends; I am a summer baby. I was born in February but where I was born February is a hot summer month. Luckily the winter has been nice so far in France but things can change anytime. Not only my spirit but also my skin have an issue with the winter season. I can't do too much for my spirit but I have some great staple products to help each part of my skin go through the season with no damages.

Castor oil
For many years I have not been able to find a good body moisturizer that would be efficient enough for my dry skin during the winter months. So what I used to do was mixing some castor oil with a regular moisturizer. This simple step improves drastically the moisture properties of your regular cream. And almost any cream becomes suitable for the winter.

Palmer's cocoa butter body lotion 
Recently I found out about this cream thanks to a friend who swears by it. She convinced me to give it a try and I fall in love with it. It moisturizes my body very well; it penetrates the skin fast and leaves it so soft. This product has a strong but lovely natural coco butter smell. It is also very cheap, so what else can we ask ? 

Caudalie hand and nail cream
As long as I can remember my mom has always used hand and nail creams and her hands are beautiful! She has always told me that I should use one especially as my hands are always dry. It took me years to follow her advice but I finally did it several years ago and this Caudalie hand and nail cream is one of my favorite. I love the fact that it is effective but not greasy. The smell is nice but not too strong unlike many others hand creams I have tried.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream and La Roche-Posay Hydréane rich moisturizing cream for sensitive skin.

Those two facial creams are my favorite during the cold days. Those are great moisturizers for normal to combination skin in the winter. They do not make my combination skin looks greasy. Both products are fragrance-free which is a good thing for my very sensitive skin.(learn everything on moisturizers HERE)

Caudalie lip conditioner
I said it so many times on this blog but I am going to say it again. My lips are naturally very dry all year-round. I have tried a tone of lip balms but this one is the only one who can repair my lips. In the winter I love to use it in the evening so my lips get repair during the night and in the morning they are much softer.

Nuxe Rêve de miel/ultra-nourishing lip balm for dry or damaged lips
This product is pretty unique and full of natural ingredients. It looks and feels more like a very thick paste than a balm. It does not repair my lips but it does protect them very well against the very cold weather. So I useit in the winter only during the day time (read a detail review of this product HERE). As you can see I am more than prepare for the cold days to come. 

What about you? Do you have any staple products in the winter ?


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