My review: on the Superfruit Complex hair masque by Shea Moisture.

 November 11th, 2016 
Hello readers today I want to review the Superfruit Complex hair masque from the line 10-in-1 renewal system by the brand Shea Moisture who uses a lot of natural ingredients in their hair products.
This American brand has been very successful in the United States for several years already and their products have been available in Europe for a couple of years now. Like most of my hair products I bought this one in the UK as they have the best price in Europe. This hair masque comes in a jar of 12oz/340g; so there is a good amount of product and a little amount goes a long way.
The texture of the Superfruit Complex hair masque is creamy; not too thick not too liquid. It is easy too apply on my hair, it does smooth and detangle my hair well. I use it under a heat cap for 15-20 minutes like all my masks. When I am done, my hair is well conditioned and supple, but not greassy. This product also has a strong sweet smell which I enjoy.
To sum up I have nothing bad to say about this Superfruit Complex hair masque. It does exactly what we expect from a good hair mask for dry  to very dry hair. Do not hesitate to buy it if you have the chance.



  1. I saw it in the but didn't think much of it... am gonna give it a try

    1. Great I hope you will love it as well. Let me know how it works for you:-)

  2. Knotty hair leads to breakage and uneven growth. Buy a shampoo that has conditioner element too, so that you can use it everyday. Also make sure that it is cream based, as it replenishes the moisture and makes your hair soft to touch.har vokse independent review


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