My tips and favorite makeup products for work !

 25 Septembre 2015 
Hello readers, last week I did a post about an outfit for work. Today I want to tell you what are my favorite makeup products to use for work; how I use them and why.

Even if you don't wear makeup, I think it is vey important to make sure that your manicure is on point because while you may be talking to a client or you boss they will not spend the entire time looking into your eyes they will pay attention to your outfit and even your hands and nails. Having them manicured shows that you pay attention to yourself and details. Please do not wear original "nails art" unless you know that it is not a problem in your company. The easy way is to go for a simple clear base on clean nails, a french manicure or use neutral or natural colors such as the ones below. If possible use a long lasting one so you won't need to to do any retouch during the week. Of course  keep your hands moisturised.

Same things for the lips, go for nude colors or colors who look natural on you and if you do not wear makeup make sure to exfoliate your lips and wear a lip balm at least, so your lips will look smooth.

I wear rigid contacts so during a day at work I don't want to do any retouch on my eyes and I don't want my makeup to move so I go for waterproof and long lasting products. I love to use pencilsand cream eye shadows in particular, as they do not move for hours and are super quick and easy to apply.

If I decide to use a powder eyeshadow I very often use the line Colorstay by Revlon as the quality is amazing. Great pigmentation, texture an it lasts all day for an affordable price.

If you feel that your eyebrows need some help I highly suggest to go for a clear or tinted brow gel mascare because they will take just a few seconds of your time. My favorite at the moment are the ones below from L'Oréal Paris.

I think that blushes give life to the face and to make sure I don't need to re-apply it during the day, I go for very good quality ones and I use brands such as MAC, Lancôme, Ilamasqua or BlackUp. My ultimate favorite to wear for work being the color BL06 from BlackUp as it gives me a natural and sophisticated finish which is much needed for work.

I don't have an ultimate favorite foundation right now so I do not recommend any but I would just say to use a qood guality one, adapted to your skin type and make sure it lasts long enough on you. If you don't like the feeling of a liquid foundation because it is too heavy for you, you may think about using tinted moisturizer, BB/CC cream or powders instead. If makeup is not for you at all make sure that your skin is at least well moisturized.

If you have oily/combination skin like mine you may consider using a primer. Below is my favrite so far and you can read a full review on it HERE.

Hope this post will help you !
XOxo Dianna.H

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