My review on Ojon restorative hair treatment plus from the damage reverse line

 September 20th ,2015 
Hello readers, today I am doing a review on "Ojon restorative hair treatment plus" from the Ojon's line "damage reverse". I bought this deluxe sample product months ago in a Boot's store in London and I have used it several time since. This is a pre-poo product for damaged hair. What is a preepoo product some of you might ask ? Well it is a treatment that you use on your hair before the shampoo. 
This product is a blend of many oils: palm oil and castor oil being the first ones. It has a very natural/hearthy smell that some may not like but it does not bother me. It claims to deeply treat and restore damaged hair. It should help increase hair's strength against breakage. Hair should be soft, silky and manageable. My hair is not damaged but it is naturally very dry so it works as well. The instruction advice us to apply the product on dry hair. We should warm the product into the palm of our hands until the balm transforms into an oil and distribute it evenly throughout the hair and scalp until hair is fully saturated. Then we should comb through and allow to penetrate for 20 minutes before rinsing and shampooing.

This is exactly how I use it except that I don't comb my kinky hair with it because I only comb my hair when it is damped. Also I may let it seat on my hair more than 20 minutes under a heated cap, but never less than that. I then shampoo my hair and follow by a regular deep conditioner or not as this prepoo already works as treatment/deep conditioner itself.
My results are exactly what the brand claims, softer, stronger, more manageable hair; that's why I don't always feel the need to add an other step in my shampoo routine. It is simply a great product. You can also do a homemade prepoo with coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil etc... And  honestly I get better results with this product and the process is less messy as the product presents itself as a balm. 

It is an Ojon product so the price is quite high (£34.5 /$33 for 3.1oz /100ml) but you don't need a lot of product for each application. Now, this is not a product that you absolutely need but it is a great addition to your hair routine if you can afford it and your hair will tell you: - "Thank you sis !"


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