A little bit more about me: from my smartpone to you !

 09 Septembre 2015 
Hello readers, yesterday I decided to "clean" my smartphone so I started to transfer pictures fom my Samsung S5 to my computer. In the process I realised that I had forgotten about many of those pictures. It is so easy to take pictures with our phones nowadays but what do we do with those ? We lost them, we forget about it. Of course I shared some of them on my Instagram account (heredianna) but I can't share all of them there, so today I decided to go back in time to share a few of those with you. 

The three below pictures were taken in India where I worked for a few months. It was an amazing experience but also very scary, at first. Most of the time I was going out with co-workers as almost everyone advised me not to go out by myself because they were scared. Scared of the attention I could bring, scared that I could get lost, scared that I would not find anyone who speak english on the streets. Well, I stayed there way to long to not go out by myself so of course I did, and all of of the things that scared my surrounding happened. I consider that as being part of this amazing experience and despite everything I only met great people. The below picture was my first selfie in Chennai, out and about all by myself.

I was in India for work so I did not have much time to visit but the above picture was taken during my favorite trip to Kerala with some colleagues. We spent a night on this backwater/boathouse and the above picture was taken during the sunrise. We saw children going to school by boat, fishermen, mothers bathing their children in the river... Everyone was smiling and so nice to us. That was a magical moment that I will never forget...

December reminds me of the winter which I don't like but it also reminds me of Christmas which I enjoy. The below picture was taken from our Christmas table in my family in South of France. Great food, great moment, great memories with my family; as always
While I was on vacations in South of France I sent the below picture to my friend who was still working in grey Paris to remind her that in my hometown the sky is always clear and blue. How nice of me??? 

MAY 2015
The below pictures where taken in Congo/Brazzaville where I had the time of my life. I was born there 32 years ago and left with my family when I was only a few months old. That trip was my very first trip back there so it was amazing and very emotional...
During my trip to Congo I absolutely wanted to bring back some arts and I looked everywhere to find something I loved. My mother was very patient with me and I ended up getting 2 paintings; the above being my favorite. You can also meet the artist who did it.
My time in Congo was like being in a dream come true. Actually it was a dream come true for real. I was just having a great time walking around and eating the great food cooked everyday by my mom. She was cooking everyday fresh meat, fish, vegetabes and fruits which are all organics there. She is the best cook so that was a pleasure to seat at the table everyday...

JUNE 2015
London is one of my favorite city. Love the architecture, love the huge parcs, love the british accent, love the diversity, love the shopping and love the culture... I was there for a long weekend in June for a bachelorette party and I took this opportunity to spend some time with some of my family members who live there. Great city, great time as usual and of course I did some shopping...

1- Below, a sophisticated makeuplook that was supposed to be 100% drugstore to be featured on my blog if only I could have found a drugstore foundation for my skin tone. When it comes to makeup the struggle of a Black woman in France  is real....
 2-Trying outfits in one of my favorite store. I loved both outfits and everything was on sale so I bought everything except for the shoes... Shopping addict ? Maybe...
3-I can easily remember when was the below picture taken as it was few weeks ago only. I decided to do my first blow out since I have cut my hair and I loved the result although the process was too long in my opinion. Details are coming on the blog very soon...
Hope you enjoyed exploring a little bit of what is in my smatphone.



  1. I love Cassava leaves what was on the last plate? African food is really nice👍great to know about you and see that that you still embrace your African culture am African too and am proud of it.

    1. Of course we have so many reasons to be proud of it !!!
      And in the last plate it is congolese eggplant ! Really good also :-)

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