Why do we have acne and how to solve it ?: part 2/2

 August 30th, 2015 
Hello readers, you can read part 1 of this post HERE.
We, people with acne or acne prone skin love to look for the perfect product that will make our skin care issues disappear just like that. Instead of desperately looking for it   think we should sometimes stop, think, and start by wondering where our problem is coming from. As I said on part 1 of this post, I have had my skin under control for a few years now because after years and years of buying products and consulting doctors who did not help me. I had to think again and wonder why does my skin still break out as an adult. Here I will give you 2 reasons why you may have acne read about the other reasons on part 1 HERE

After my teenage years I realised that my skin does not like ingredients such as Alcohol Denat or Salicylic Acid. A few years ago I realised that I break out if I use anything with honey, coconut oil, or some essential oils on my face. Last spring I found out that  eating almonds gives me major break out...Other  the years I have been able to make a list of staple skin care products that are safe for my skin but very often my skin break out when I buy new products because I guess that  I am allergic to other things that I don't even know about yet.
There is no way to know in advance what your skin is allergic to as it can be allergic to anything. But you can use few tips to find out.

 Lately I have a friend who told me that she does not use foundations because she is allergic to it as it gives her pimples.  My answer to her was;"you are not alergic to foundations but you are probably allergic to some ingredients contain in some foundations". My first advice would be stop using any type of makeup for a while and see how your skin reacts. Then try new products one by one and chek how your skin react to it. oundation. If you get break out stop and try an other foundation etc... Being allergic to one foundation does not mean you are allergic to all of them. Doing this process can be expensive so my tip would be to start using foundations that do not have perfume or alcohol denat as they are not safe for sensitive skin, or make sure that those are very low on the ingredient list.

***Skin care***
To test your skin care products you can start by using a limited amount of products (makeup remover, cleanser, moisturiser) from brands that target sensitive skin (Avène, La Roche-Posay, Aveeno, Simple). and then slowly introduce other products from other brands one by one and see how your skin reacts to each new product

You can eliminate some product from your diet for a few weeks and see how your skin reacts. That's how i found out that my skin is allergic to almonds. 
Doing research I found out that many people get blemishes because of milk so my first advised would be to stop drinking milk for a while and see shat happens. I did that myself a few years ago and it did not change anything for my skin which made me happy as i love milk to much. If you eat a lot of processed food, junk food, sweets, you may try to stop those for a while and see how your skin reacts.

 It may take time but you need to work by elimination and check out how your skin reacts.
It will not cost you any money  so I think that those eperimentations are worth trying.

 Unfortunately we can not adapt the climate to our liking but we can at least minimize them and the best tip I can give you is to maintain a very strict skin care routine (more HERE). Concerning the issues that can cause "bad" water on our skin I have been a victim of that and very recentely found a solution, but that's an other story for an other post... 

I hope those tips will help you to maintain or get a more beautiful skin; for sure they have helped me a lot.



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