Summer 2015: My favorite nail polishes

 July 29th, 2015 
Hello readers today I want to share with you some of my favorite nail polish
N°1: Rimmel lasting finish/Double Decker Red in n°30
I love this particular red color because of the orange light orange undertone it has. As a result this specific red color fits any of my summer outfit. The other good thing is that one coat of this nail polish is enough to get full pigmentation.

N°2: Dior/Majesty n°244
This Dior nail polish is the first high-end nail polish I have ever bought. There is a big difference in price when it comes to drugstore versus high-end nail polish. A difference that does not automatically transfers in the quality of the product in my opinion. The reason why I decided to take the plunge this time is because this beautiful color that I had never seen anywhere else This color contrasts with the other one as it is very soft, but even in summer we may need more of soft colors.
N°3: Mavala/Lisboa n°9
Mavala is a Switzerland brand specialized on nail beauties. I love the fact that they always have original colors. I love the color pink so for any seasons and this pink wich has some slight  purple undertone stands out great in the summer in my opinion

N°4: Mavala/Hong Kong n°19
I totally fall in love with this coral/orange/pink color as soon as I saw it. As I said above Mavala always have original colors and this one is a perfect example.
N°5: KIKO/n°357
This beautiful bright orange nail polish was my absolute favorite last summer because I  love colors colors that pop and let me tell you that every time I wear it people ask me what do I have on my nails; family, friends and strangers.

It is difficult to pick one absolute favorite but I would have to choose the nail polish n°4, Hong Kong by Mavala because the color is just so beautiful, fresh, and unique. And when I saw it the first time I thought “summer is coming !!!!”


On the picture some products I like to use for my manicure
A: "UNE" natural base
B: "MAVALA" /Mavadry /séche-vite which helps my nail polishes to dry out faster

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