My review on long lasting foundations 3/5: BOBBI BROWN long wear even finish compact foundation

 8 Juillet, 2015 
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Hello readers today I continue my series on long lasting foundations with Bobbi Brown compact even finish long lasting foundation. You can previous post on the series :
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The more I was looking for the perfect long lasting foundation the more I knew what I wanted  and what mistakes I should avoid. The lesson n°1 that I have learned is to read the ingredients list as I have been doing for years and years with skincare products as my skin is very sensitive to some ingredients. So that is what I did this time, and there is no alcohol denat or salycilic acid in this foundation, two ingretients that my skin dispise.
That packaging looks nice, I like those round boxes, it is easy to open, close and to carry around. It fall on the floor several times but never broke. You have a sponge applicator underneath the cream container but I have never used it as I am too afraid of bacterias. I prefer to use my clean fingers for the application, although I have also used it with a BOBBI BROWN foundation brush and it worked great.
This foundation as a creamy texture, and a satn finish on the skin. It is easy to apply easy to blend and it has a light to medium coverage. You will get a very natural and light coverage using your fingers but you can get a medium coverage if you use a dense foundation brush. I like to apply a thin layer on my face with my fingers for a very natural finish and when necessary I may use the dense BOBBI foundation brush to get more coverage in some areas. Once again I use two colors to get close to my skin complexion which has a mix of yelow, red and orange undertones.
-The good is that this foundation looks very natural up close, in pictures or on camera and the brand have plenty of colors to choose from. Also you can build it to a medium coverage if you use a dense foundation brush. The colors do not oxidize so it does not get darker after a few hours and  you still have foundation on your face at the end of the day but…
-The bad is that I don’t consider it as a long lasting foundation for oily/combination skin although it is the type of skin it targets. Your skin will look oily in a few hours under a hot climate. It would suit better in the winter for normal/combination skin only. Also this product transfers way too much even if you use a powder to set it so watch out what and who you touch during the day. The last bad thing about it is that you get a small amount of product for the price, $48/£33.50 for 0.28oz/8g so it does not last a long time and you will hit the pan pretty fast…
Makeup look using BOBBI BROWN foundation: detail look HERE
Who should buy this foundation ?
You need to have normal to combination skin as it is not moisturizing and not matifying enough. And actually I would recommend to use it in cold seasons only otherwise you will be as disappointed as me.
Will I repurchase ?
Despite many cons I could repurchase it if I don’t find better because it gives a very beautiful and natural finish which is what I look for in a foundation and trust me it is very difficult to find this result.



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  2. What do you think of Mac foundation?

    1. I know it might seem weird but I have never tried them. Many people have skin reactions to it and as my skin is very reactive I am too affraid to try them. Maybe one day...
      But I like the fact that they offer so many colors from very pale to very dark skin :-)


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