My new love: my review/ Lancôme blush in "Rouge in love"

 July 22nd, 2015 
Hello reader today I want to quickly talk about my recent love which is the blush rouge in love by Lancôme. A couple of months ago I spent some time looking for a red blush in Sephora when I came accross the Lancôme counter.
I have never bought a blush from this brand. Actually all I have from them was 2 foundations and my favorite waterproof brown eye pencil. I was very attracted by the color which is a mix of red, corail and some gold shimmer. At first I thought that the shimmer will be too much but it all depends on your skin type and on which type of foundation you will underneath.
I have combination skin so my skin naturally becomes glowy when I use any foundation. The less matte the foundation is the more glowy my skin looks so I rally don't need to add shimmer on top especially in the summertime. With this blush and my skin type I realised that if I use a really good matte foundation it gives a very beautiful finish. Then the balance between colors and texture is pefect as if you have had applied a matte blush and an higlgther. But instead of going threw 2 steps and 2 products you only use one. This color would look beautiful on caucasian skin with a tan and on dark people from light to very dark skin.
The packaging comes with a mirror and a brush that I have never used. The color is mat very pigmented and long lasted so you need to apply a little bit only.The color gives a beautiful fresh look and the golden shimmer add a glowy effect. I fall in love with this product thinking it will be perfect for the spring/summertime and it is. I have no regret at all. It is the perfect color and texture for the season.

What about you? What is your favorite blush of the moment?


  1. I have never tried blush;will see😊

  2. Why not ? You should it gives such a beautiful finish on the skin. I could go out with no mascara as long as I have a blush on :')

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