Meet my boyfriend jeans: street style and casual

 July 10, 2015 
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Hello readers today I want to showcase an outfit of the day that I first wore when I was on vacation in Canada (check my Instagram: heredianna). When my friend so it she said she loved it so I decidedto wear that same outfit a few days ago while I was shopping with an other friend in Paris.
This outfit is very comfortable because everything is a little large and on my feets I have very comfortable snickers. While I was in Canada I spent my time walking from one place to an other and although I love being cute, what I wanted the most was to be 100% comfortable in order to enjoy my vacation fully. The below bag that I have carried around for years now is so practicale because it has enough space for everything, even my big laptop.

For this look I tried to get both words; bringing cute and comfortable at the same time. For the cute side I paid attention to small details like making sure my nails are on point, and also accessorzing my hand with this nice ring below.

First I love the colors details on the top as they bring some life to the outfit; also it may seem pretty simple up front but the holes associated with the bow ties on the back  gives a cute girly finish to the look which may seem more masculin at first with those unstructured boyfriend jeans and those black snickers.

I found those snickers 3 to 4 years ago and that was love at first sight... At the time I was looking for the trendy  wedge heel snickers that everyone ws rocking but could not found anything I loved enough. Then I saw those ones which has a similar style although they are flats. As I am tall I don't really need the wedges heels anyway. For the story my mom fall in love with those as well as soon as she saw it on me so I got the same pair for her.

The boyfriend jeans can be styled in different ways but for that look I wanted the casual style to stand out the most with mostly neutral colors. Black for the shoes and the bag, blue for the jeans and grey for the cardigan. Here the top is a reminder that even if I can rock a more masculin simple look I still have  this girly thing in me...
Hope you enjoy the look !

Outfit details:
Cardigan: Uniqulo
Bag: Mango
Ring: Banana Republique
Boyfriend jeans: Mango
Snickers: Reebok
On my nails I have Mavala: Hong Kong


  1. That top is everthing; I have also been looking for a bag like yours were I would carry my laptop but no lucky hopefully I will find it one day

    1. Thanks a lot and yes it is a great top !!! Good luck on the search of THE bag :-)


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