My review on long lasting foundations 2/5: blackUp matifying fluid foundation

June 17th,2015
Hello readers today I continue my series on “long lasting foundation.” So last summer after my misadventure with the Lancome Teint idole ultra 24h that you can read HERE I decided to buy a product that I had already tried in the past. The blackUp matifying fluid foundation.
I got a sample of this one a few years ago and I loved the result: heat resistant, super long lasting, beautiful finish, beautiful in picture. This time at first glance of the foundation itself I noticed that something was different and after some quick research on the Internet I realized that they have changed the formula to improve it….
The packaging is very simple for a high end foundation, the bottle is in plastic and there is nothing fancy about it but at the same time it is easy light so it should be easy to travel with; well it depends. If you have to travel with it you have to make sure that the bottle stays stand up otherwise the product will not come out correctly and you’ll have to press the pump several times in order to get something. So the pump is a big no,no.

Below picture was taken with the blackUp matifying fluid foundation


It has a creamy consistency and the smell is a little bit chemcal. When I bought it I picked the color I used a few years back but after opening the tube I realized that the color had changed also. The foundation was not too dark or too light but it just had way too much red undertone. I went back to the store to find an other color with yellow undertone that I could use to mix with this one but I did not find any. All colors have either red undertone or are neutral.  I had bought the product already so I used it anyway and to tell the truth I was not impressed at all.
In conclusion: the good/the bad
 When you apply the foundation the result is mat with a nice finish and your pores look smaller. But after one hour, two hours, three hours my pores were looking bigger than normal and I realised that this new formula was not long lasting on my skin which quickly looked greasy throughout the day, also the foundation would transfer too easily. 
An other bad thing is that this foundation gave me blemishes so I checked the formula and realized that the new formula contains alcohol denat as the thith ingredient and my very sensitive, reactive, acne prone skin does not like it. For me the only good thing about this foundation is the fact that it does not oxidises, meaning that the color does not change to get darker after a while. Will I repurchase? With everything I have just said it’s pretty clear that I will not repurchase that foundation and I cannot advise anyone to do so.


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