A very natural 5 minute everyday makeup look

 April 7; 2015 
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Hello readers, today I want to share with you my very natural and quick makeup routine that I use a lot to go to work. It is very simple but efficient and quick enough to fit into the 60 minutes I give myself to be completely ready in the morning. Here I will give tips that can be adpted to everyone, you just need to be aware of your qualities and flaws.
1-Take the time to correct your flaws
The skin tone: I start the routine by applying a small amount of primer on my face with my fingers focusing on the T-zone where my combination skin tends to be oiler and my pores larger. I then apply a natural looking foundation with my fingers as well.
2- Change your flaws into assets
My lids: in most of my post I explain that because my eye lids are naturally darker than the rest of my face, I very often even out this area thanks to a concealer. Well, that is not what I do for this 5 minute makeup routine. I leave this area bare so the contrast between my dark lids and my even out skin tone on the rest of my face is more visible. When I do this look many people think I am wearing an eye shadow, but no, it is only my natural shadow...
3-Save time, keep it natural
The lips: Everyone may have at least one thing they love on their face, and for me my lips are on the list for sure. That's the reason why I do not always wear lipsticks, very often I only wear a lip balm to moisturise my very dry lips.
The eyebrow: they are not perfect but thick enough so I don't have to "draw them everyday". I just brush them with a toothbrush so they can stay in place. I am still looking for a good eyebrow gel, if you know a good one please let me know !!!

Cheeks: I always have blush, I really love the effect it has on my face so I place it on my cheecks only or from the cheekc to the temples while forming a C shape. The technique all depends of the color of the blush. The color of the blush depends on my mood, the weather or my outfit or all of this together.
My lashes, my eyes: I apply a black mascara because I love how it enhance the almond shape of my eyes. My lashes are naturally long and thick so I tend to choose mascara that are clump-free and defines lashes one by one; I want absolute definition.
5-Those "small" details...
This routine is simple but the goal is to look well awake and in shape. This simple makeup look is always paired up with flawless accessories (I always wear earings,) hands (well hydrated), nails (always clean filed and/or painted). I swear you can't imagine how many times a random man or not random complimented me on my flawless nails. those "small" details count so do not neglect it. I hope one of those tips will help you with your own routine...


The makeup products
1-Caudalie lip conditioner
2-The body shop All-in-One Insta lur primer (read my full review HERE)
3-Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Compact Foundation in Walnut+Almond 7
4-Cargo HD pressed powder in 40
5-Illamasqua Powder Blusher in Excite
6-Benefit they're real mascara in black

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