I want Indian women hair: What is their secret ??? (Part1/2)

 February 17th 2015 
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Hello readers; first of all do not take this title at first value, I know pretty clear that my kinky hair will never turn into Indian women hair. What I want to say with this title is that I want for my hair to be as healthy and strong. If you follow me on this blog, Instagram or Facebook; you already know that I have spent those recent months working between France and India. As I am passionate about beauty and cosmetics or should I say addict, I spend some of my limited free time investigating on Indian beauty secrets.

Right now I am based in South India in Chennai (find more HERE), where women are known to have the most beautiful hair: very long, very healthy and very thick from roots to ends. And from what I have seen after 3 months of being here I can only agree. I don't seem to be the only one who agrees on that as Chennai’s temples are the ones who supply the natural hair extension industry the most.
I have developed a great relationship with one of my Indian co-worker here so of course I had to ask her questions about Indian hair beauty secrets. Despite genetics which of course always plays a part she insisted on the fact that it is in the culture here to take really good hair of your hair. It starts by avoiding doing things that could damage it.
-minimum to no hair dryer
               - minimum to no straightening iron
- minimum to no coloration
        - minimum to no tight hair style
        - minimum to no drying product
                                             - no excessive shampooing etc…                                       
Furthermore most young girls here wear their hair in two folded ponytails for school. You can see them all around the city. This hair style avoids frictions between hair and clothes and it minimizes unnecessary manipulation. I have read the same type of advice on black hair care forums and blogs those past years and it did benefit my hair a lot. So there is no big secret; you need to take care of it.
Despite those tips I have noticed that many brands here sale their Ayurvedic hair oil to embellish, strengthen and thicken hair. I love oils, I have talked about it several times on this blog as I use it for my nails, skin and hair especially. I have tried many oils but never Indian oils or powder although I heard a lot good things about it such as Amla oil, Neem oil or Shikakai powder. As my co-worker Ramya noticed that I was really interested on that topic she introduced me to one Ayurvedic oil that she has been using for 5 years with success. I have been using it for a little bit more that 2 months now, so it is time for me to give you my first review on it... (to be continued)


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