Girl in the South: Pretty but cozy...

 February 24th; 2015 
On a previous post I told you that I went back to my hometown in South of France for Christmas, and while I was there, one day I decided to photograph one of my outfit as I was browsing the old city with one of my sister.
That day I decided to keep most of colors of my outfit close to earthy tones. I got this beautiful silk dress a few years ago and I like to wear it for any seasons although I think that those colors work the best during fall or winter. It has no sleeves so for the winter I just put a sweater on top and wear it has a skirt, same as here. Instead of going for the classic black tights I decided to do things a little bit different and chose navy ones instead
For the sweater I picked a very simple grey one to emphasize even more the different shades of grey I have on my dress. The weather in South of France was pretty nice but I wanted ro wear at least one piece that would reminds of winter, so I picked those very warm and cozy brown boots which are wool-lined. I had so many “cold” colors on me that I decided to add some warmth with those classic gold looking jewelries.

 My entire outfit tends to be on the earthy tones but this coat has a bright orange inner-coat which brings a strong pop of color. For the bag I just carried on my everyday "bowling" type bag in which I can store pretty much my all life.
I did not do anything special to my hair except for removing an old flat twist style and it gave me that nice flat twist out look. (See my flat twists style HERE).

It was a very beautiful winter day, perfect to hang around so all I wanted was to look good but also very comfortable and I was, definetely.

-Outfit details-
Coat: Kookai
Dress: Massimo Dutti
Sweater: Uniqlo
Tights: Uniqlo
Boots: Bocage
Necklace+earings: Bala Booste
Headband: Boots
Pashmina:bought in an Indian boutique 

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  1. Your outfit looks really awesome, especially your shoes. Are your shoes slip-resistant or slipper? To me they look slippery. But it doesn't matter as, you can always make your shoes slip-resistant with simple methods. BTW you are looking so pretty.


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