Girl at a winter wedding: tomato red

 January 25th; 2015 
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Hello readers on one of my previous post I talked about the fact that I went to a winter wedding back at the beginning of December. It was just on the weekend I was coming back from India and I did not know about the wedding until I was already out of the country. As a result I had to look for an outfit when I came back; so I had 5 days only...
At first I thought it would be very easy to find an outfit as we were close to the holidays but what I found mostly in stores were black outfits. Black dresses, black skirts, black tops, black everything... If you read my blog you know that black is not a color that I often wear especially not for a wedding. So I really had to go in every stores to get something that I would enjoy.
After spending all my time after work in my avorite stores i decided to enlarge my research and I went to a French store that target older women. You should not disregard those stores if you enjoy fashion. And that is where I found this beautiful tomato red dress. I enjoyed the cut with this fake crop top that is a big trend this winter; and from what I have recently seen in stores this trend will follow us this spring and summer as well. 

It your size is not well fefined it is perfect to give the illusion it is. Also because the crop top part is placed higher than the size it ellongates your legs and also gives the illusion that you are taller. For the accessorie I used a long simple neckless that I already owned and that was matching my purse.
You have already seen this purse on a previous post HERE. I picked this one as it gives a younger and edgier style to this look. Yes this dress is nice but it you choose to wear it with classic accessories only it will make the final look look to "old woman". For my shoes I used the same idea: edgy and young. I did look for shoes that would be more funky but really there was nothing in stores that I like so I used what I already had.
On my way back from Chennai to France my skin and my lips suffered a lot from the cold climate and was acting up so I was doing very simple makeup. And that what I did below: a simple smoky eye done with a black eye-liner only, waterproof mascara as usual, some foundation, some powder
and that's it.
So that's how I decided to style my accessories with that dress: classic earings and neckless. Edgy shoes and purse. As it was very cold I was very happy that I had bought this lovely pashmina in Chennai. I had chose this one because I figured out that it will fit well wit most colors. I was not wrong since then I wore it a lot and it seems to go well with everything.
I had a very great time at this family wedding and I hope this look will inspire you .


Outfit details
Dress: Caroll
Purse: Bocage
Earings: Bala Boosté
Neckless: Bala Boosté
Shoes: MoveOn
Tights: Uniqlo


  1. Girl!! you know how to put an outfit together; one of these fine days you should do the look book on YouTube

    1. Thank you so much and doing lookboo on Youtube is also what I want to do :-)


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