Tips and tricks: nails care and colored manicure

 November 5th,2014 
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Hello readers, on the above picture you can see all the products I use each time I paint my nails with a colored nail polish. Those products include some manicure set but also other things that I use to take care of my nails..
My process starts with a hot oil treatment  for my hands. I always mix castor oil with lighter oils like almond oil, grapeseed oil etc... That day all I had was olive oil so that what I used. First I make sure to warm the oil mix in "bain-marie". The night before the nail application I lightly applied the mixture on my hands and nails and I massage it well. I let the mixture sit for full absorption and go to sleep. This process helps strenghten nails. I follow those steps every time I apply a new nail polish or several times a week whenever I have time.
The next morning I just wash my hands very well with cleansing gel and water, quickly clean my nails with a nail polish remover to make sure that no residue is sitting on it, rinse again with water and pat dry. This step will help having a clean and smooth surface so that the nail polish application will be easier and will last longer.
To start the application I always start with a base. The base acts as a protection barrier between your nails and the nail polish, especially colored nail polish as in a long run it may affect your natural nail color. I like to use the above one by the natural brand UNE because it is 85% natural. I then apply 2 coats of my colored nail polish; here I use Rimmel PRO in velvet rose (n°360) for which I need to make a special review soon. I then applied my favorite fast dryier top coat wich "has changed my life" since I have discovered it a few months ago and it is so efficient to help your nails dry much faster. During the application I always keep aside some q-tips soaked with nail remover to correct any mistakes.
Voilà !!!!! It's been years that nail polishes have become more than a beauty step; it has become a fashion accessory with all those colors or designs that we can do. But nails are still nails and in order to keep a natural manicure (with our real nails) looking good it has to start with the health of it. So I hope those tips will help you.

If you have any tricks please leave them share it with us and leave a message below.


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