My new love: my review/ NARS lip pencil in Palais Royal

 November 15th 2014 
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Hello readers today let's talk about makeup, but about one lipstick only.
A few months ago I was preparing my trip to India so I went to the huge high-end mall, Les Galeries Lafayettes in Paris to find a long lasting foundation that could handle the warm and humide climate of Chennai, India. When you go to this mall you always end up leaving with more than what you were supposed to; and that's exactly what happenned to me that day.
As I was looking for my future fondation I ended up at NARS counter and got attracted by purple, pink and plum colors; from their eye shadows to their lipsticks. I bought my very first lipstick from NARS years ago so I know how good they are and that day I fall in love with several things included the below satin lip pencil in Palais Royal. The color is a a beautiful bright plum which up close  looks like a mix of  red, pink and purple. It is difficult to explain that is why you have the pictures.

I have been interested in buying a real lip pencil (with intense color) for a while and when I swatched this one on my hands it just looked perfect so I bought it. A few days ago was the first time I decided to wear it and it was looking so good that I decided to take pictures and make a post on this blog. The color is very intense so no need to add 10 layers. This is a satin lip pencil so it is not brightening like a gloss but it just gives a satin effect and it does not dry out my already dry lips. At the same time it does not moistrize my lips either. This lipstick is not a long lasting one so it will easily transfer if you eat or kiss someone. Otherwise it will stay on your lips
I bought so called lip pencils this past summer from Revlon (see HERE) but they felt more like lip glosses compare to this one. The color is so intense that I absolutely need to apply foundation on my skin to get the best effect. Intense lip colors with unperfect skin does not look that good. That is mainly what I need with a little bit of blush and mascara. I feel that to maximise the impact on this lipstick the best tip is to keep the rest of your makeup as simple as possible. Let the lipstick does it job as it does it so well...

What about you? Do you have any favortite lipstick at the moment ?



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