Affordable waterproof makeup removers that work: Respectissime by La Roche-Posay and Cils Demasq by Gemey Maybelline

 November 11th; 2014 
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Hello readers a few months ago I did a battle of the brands showing the difference between Lancôme Bi-Facil waterproof eye makeup remover and Bioderma micelar water that claims on its tag to be a waterproof makeup remover as well. You can read the full post HERE.
In the previous post I was saying that Lancôme Bi-Facil is very efficient but what I had was only the small free sample above and when I realized the price of the full bottle I decided to look into drugstores first. And below is what I got.

Gemey Maybelline Bi-facil Demasq waterproof makeup remover: 5.90€/125ml

Laroche_Posay Respectissime waterproof eye makeup remover: 10€/125ml

If you follow my blog you should know by now that I almost always use waterproof mascaras at the exception of my favorite mascara "they're real" by Benefit that does not exist in a waterproof, only in the long lasting formula. The main reason being that I wear eye contact and I have very sensitive eyes so I don't want to see any mascara residue left in my eyes at the end of the day. At the same time because my eyes are so gentle I don't want to to be harsh on my eyes when I remove it. Those 2 products are very gentle, very effective, and affordable. I  can honnestly say that they work pretty much as good as the Lancôme Bi-Facil. Actually I would add that Respectissime from La Roche Posay is an exact dupe.Now you just have to pick yours. Personally I can't pick one over the other so I am just planning on keeping repurchasing using both.


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