Wy do we have acne and how to solve it ? part 1/2

 November 23rd; 2014 
Hello readers, today I want to talk about a subject that I have had to deal with since my teenage years. I am talking about acne, blemishes, spot whatever you want to call it... As many people I suffered from acne as a teenager. At the time I thought that was horrible acne. Looking back I can be more realistic and say that it was bad acne but not horrible. Still it was bad enough for my mm to bring me to dermatologists. None of them were able to help me. Looking back I have realized that I am allergic to many ingredients that were part of many strong skincare products that they subscribed to me but none of them never wonder if my skin was suitable for those products...
My acne issues decreased naturally as I became an adult but never completely disappear; I have what they call acne prone skin. With a very good and strict skin care routine I have been able to control that issue. But those past months I had more and more pimples coming back again. Hence the reason why you may have noticed that I have slowed down a lot on my makeup looks posts. I have finally solved this issue so in this post I am going to explain you how I did it but also what are the rules and tricks I follow to control break out from my acne prone skin. If you have acne prone skin you probably also have sensitive skin. Meaning that to show that your skin is not happy it will react by producing pimples. And your skin may not be happy for many reasons.

You may think that avoiding touching your face with dirty hands is enough to minimize bacterias from your face... Well think again, you can do much better. During the night we spend around 8 hours with our face on the pillow case and it happens 7 times a week. At the end of the week it is 48 hours of sweat if you don't change it. Same thing for your face towel or makeup brushes. A solution is to change your pillow case every day or every other day; same thing for your towel and brushes and make sure to store those in a clean, closed and dry environment as humidity help bacterias to prolify. Those simple and free tips have help my skin tremendously.

I think I have talked enough about the importance of removing makeup properly on this blog already; read HERE. You love long lasting and high-end makeup then take the necessary time to remove it properly and gently every single night. To make sure it is all gone you can use a clean and white towel or tissue to pad dry your face that way it will be easy to see if you have any makeup left on your skin. If that is the case; well clean your face again.

To spare you from reading a super long post I have decided to plit this one into two parts.
You can read part 2 HERE soon


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