Girls night out: Smart combinaison ...

October 19th; 2014
Hello readers today I want to share the last outfit of the day before my departure from Paris. It was an amazing evening with my girlfriends before I took off for India ( more on my Facebook page HERE). We started the evening at a restaurant then walked in Paris streets to finish the night in a trendy bar.
I remember that that evening I could not find anything fancy enough to wear so I decided to go for a semi-fancy outfit; meaning something chic but comfortable. Because it is large, the animal print top was really comfortable to wear but still chic as it is made with a material that is partially see-through. For that reason I also wore a very thin black tank top underneath. This printed top bring some color to this outfit thus it is not boring. 

I often wear those above black pants to go to work but never thought about using them for a night out until that day. I actually realized that the baroque prints with those lace-like embossed design work nice for the evening as well. I just had to accessorize the outfit in an appropriate way to finalize the look. I picked up nice but simple black shoes and added an orange nail polish on my toenails and nails to bring a new touch of color.
I also picked a large simple gold/bronze looking bracelet for my left arm.  I am also wearing small earings which has a baroque style that reminded me of the design on my pants.
The last accessorize is the above purse that I had bought earlier that day and I was very proud of it. It is looking like leather with snake looking design but it is just a good imitation. There are some touch of gold here and there that makes it perfect as an evening purse.
For this look I mixed many materials (leather, sheer, lace-like, leather) and prints (jaguar, snake,baroque) that makes this outfit look originial; but when you do that, you may loose the "identity" of the look. I have two tips to avoid that. Number one, make sure to have a dominant color so the look does not seem to go all other the place; here it is black. Number two keep it simple, meaning simple accessories, simple cut for the clothes, no need to add anything extravagant here it would be too much. Hope it will give you inspiration for your next night out.


Top: Temt (Australia)
Pants: Zara
Purse: Bocage
Shoes: Witnner (Australia)
Bracelet: Mango
Earings: Accessorize

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