Chapped lips/Finally a lip balm that works: Avène cold cream vs Caudalie lip conditioner vs Amilab etc...

 October 15th; 2014 
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Hello readers, today I want to make a quick blog post to higlight a product I have been looking for for ages. If you read my blog on a regular basis you should already know by now that I have very dry and chapped lips no matter the season. For years I have tried many different lip balms without great success. Above is just a tiny sample of the lip balms I have tried.
Most of them promise to repair your lips, but they don't. Well at least for me they do not. Your lips feel better and more comfortable for a moment but when the lip balm is gone from your lips you don't notice an improvement. Well if you have been desperate to find a lip balm that actually does what it is supposed to do, the Caudalie lip conditioner is your solution. I randomly pick it up a few months ago at a French pharmacy with no expectation at all and tata !!!! Not only your lips feel better but they actually get repaired gradually. Since I found out about this product I have just kept buying it. I love to use it before bed especially, as the next morning my lips feel soft. And that is a miracle for me. If you also have very dry lips you may also find it helpful to exfoliate your lips regularly. The very cold weather is coming soon so you might also be interested to add an extra protection for your lips with the ultra norishing lip balm"Rêve de miel" from Nuxe (full review HERE). Hope this post was helpful for all those chapped lips out there !


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