Girl on weekend: feel like a modern princess !

 September 7th;2014 
Hello readers, as stated on a previous post I have spent most of the past couple of months working  a lot, but a few weeks ago I got some time on the weekend so I decided to go outside Paris. It was just 30 min away but it felt so good to be surounded by nature and fresh air. The following pictures were taken then. I went to the City called Melun to visit the nice Castle of Vaux-le-Vicomte that inspired the construction of the famous Versailles castle.
Because I wanted to feel like a princess in this scenery I decided to wear for the first time my only maxi skirt that I had bought a month ago. I like it because it has nice subtile details. There are small touch of purple and "gold " on the fabric and at the belt. Also it looks chic but casual at the same time; exactly what I needed on that weekend.
For my purse I had to pick one that will fit with all the different colors I had on me and this brown one had the perfect colour. I had to walk a lot that day so a shoulder bag was the smart choice to feel more comfortable.

,To add some "chic" to the outfit I added this nice neckless but kept my ears looking very simple with small amber looking earings
That was a very sunny day so the glasses were more that necessary and the gold details on the temple arms were a good reminder of all the small touches of gold I had on the outfit.

I had some issues to find a top that will fit perfectly with this skirt and I came to the conclusion that a simple tank top was the best choice as it goes well with everything. In order to be able to walk in this huge park I chose simple tennis shoes whose neutral color fits perfectly with the all outfit. 
For that day my "outfit challenge" was to nicely balanced casual, simple, comfortable and chic. For sure I felt very comfortable in this outfit, comfortable enough to walk in this  beatiful park for hours. Enjoy the ned of your weekend.

Glasses: New Look
Purse: H&M
Neckless: I am
Top: Tempt
Skirt: Kookai
Shoes: André


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